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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let me ask you:

Let me ask you something...

Does work seem longer after a day off?
Not like a weekend... but a holiday, or snow day....
The day after a weekday holiday/snow day.... is it longer?

It is?

I swear it has been 1:30p for at least an hour over here... and it won't progress.

Yes, time, I do know I'm supposed to be doing that dreaded filing project... BUT HONESTLY... I DO NOT WANT TO.

It's boring, it makes me bend at a funny angle.... and it makes my migranes start... So hence. thus, FINALLY, I decide to procrastinate on it.


So, Emry is getting picked up by Klay today... which is super awesome... because I can take my time going home...
Really... NICE AND SLOW.

Upon reading this blog... I really haven't touched much on him.... I discuss him briefly in Thursday Recaps... but, I really haven't had an in depth parenting post on him.... which is interesting... because he's always getting into something... like what? like everything....

I think that I am going to do at least one post a week... on Emry's development... or his antics....

Because he's pretty funny.

Have to think about it more indepth.... but I'm pretty sure this is going to be a reality.

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  1. I am sure your kid has to be terribly interesting, given his mama. I am curious to hear his antics. One time, when my son was 4, we stood in line at the bank (looooong line) and he had it in his mind that babies were made by doing the wedding dance. Don't know, just a strange association with TV weddings and the ritual. So, he goes to me, "you and daddy did the wedding dance?" I said, "yes." He said, "mama how long were you and daddy married when you had me?" I said, "three and a half years." He thinks a moment. "Daddy must be a really bad dancer!" The entire line of people cracked up and the bank manager came over to give him a lollipop.