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Thursday, November 3, 2011

pushy broad

I work with a woman... we'll call her Karissa....
We've become decent friends... over my time at my job...
We talk all the time as of recently..

Today... I want to rip her face off.

I am done today.

I don't know what it is today, she is just REALLY getting on my nerves.
Everything has to be done at her time and her speed....

And she picks and picks and picks.

I am not fashion forward by any means.

I tend to dress however I feel, as long as it doesn't break dress code.

She picked at that today... and she picks at it all the time.

You don't like the way I dress... whatever.... but back off... It's not your body and I'm not breaking ANY RULES.

Then, she discussed with me, that she wanted to join my journey to eat better.
But then...
Well let's just say, "My dietitian says that to lose weight and to maintain it I can eat 2300 calories in a day, it doesn't matter what types of food it is as long it's not more than 2300 calories."


No dietitian told you that.

You got to change the way you eat.
2300 calories sure... she's tall and broad... I get that.

But, bagels toasted with butter, gyros... and anything you can eat, as long as it calculates under 2300 calories... ISN'T WHAT WAS MEANT.

Then, when I cave, because maybe I am being a little picky... and I say sure, let's get gyros today, I'll pay, you got me lunch the other day...


But still, I squashed my anger, said sure, just get me a receipt, and I want exact cash change from everyone... today....
And then... a half hour later... you don't come for my card... you don't bring me the money, or give me any indication of how much was going to be charged... YOU THEN COP AN ATTITUDE WITH ME? when I ask if you need HELP ordering.. because I know you're busy?
I'm done. I told her I was done for today. Figure out the gyro's herself, I brought something anyway.. I don't want this to be an issue... because obviously she is the only one entitled to be pushy...EVER..... (i didn't say that to her out loud, but I sure as hell feel that way.)

Oh I tell her this, and she still feels the need to come over to my desk, pretending to be all sweet....
Don't start with me today... I am in this mood... I am the only one who can allow myself to feel ANYTHING, HOWEVER... YOU ARE NOT HELPING...

I"m done.
I repeated it.
I told her we're not getting along today.. and to just let me be.
I got the turkey necking okay... and she walked away.
Thank the gods.

I am not dealing with this today.

After the "why can't I diet like this?" debacle, and the" Pick at the way Kateri has dressed here for a year" debacle...

Your cattiness and fakeness because you KNOW you pushed a button...ISN'T HAPPENING.


The lights have begun to flicker at work, my brain tells me... It's just the power company working on the lines... but, my core energy tells me... YOU'RE A NUCLEAR REACTOR ABOUT TO EXPLODE THIS FLICKERING IS A WARNING SIGN.

I should go home.
I should go home.
I should go home.

I can't.
I need to use my monthly sick day... on the 8th....

But still... I need to be home.
Under my covers
In hiding.
Before I just overflow.

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  1. I'm just wondering why you ever got to be friends with her in the first place. Good luck!

  2. Yikes. I've had days like that - where I just wanted to rip the heads off of anything or anyone who came near me. Hopefully it has passed and you are feeling better today!