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Monday, November 21, 2011

They can't fire you for that!

I am tired of people telling me, "YOU CAN'T BE FIRED FOR THAT."

It's usually in response to me NOT showing off my tattoo's.

If you work for a private company... Yes you can.
The only thing they can't fire you for is: Sex, Gender, Nationality, Religious Beliefs.

My tattoos, even though they are awesome, are not covered under any of these titles.
So hence, I can be fired for them.


Yes, they do... but a butterfly or a crucifix is hardly going to rock the boat here.

I have two Pin-up Girls, practically naked, on both of my forearms.
And one of them HAS HORNS AND A POINTY TALE.. oh and bears the mark of the beast.

I think that would be grounds for getting fired in my Private Christian Corporation of a job.

I have no problem covering my arms.
Even in the summer...
Our office is an icebucket... NO ONE WEARS SHORT SLEEVES EVER!
The second I walk outside at the end of the day, the sweater comes off, and then I will show them.


But, if I hear, "You can't be fired for that", again.. I'm likely to get fired for knocking someone upside their head.

I made the decision to get these tattoo's.
I was raised respectfully, and not to ROCK the boat.
I need my job, and that's that.

Some people think that they can impose on others... and walk on that... line.
Like they can't be fired.

Oh sweetie/buddy: You are not irreplacable. And if you aren't 'in the bubble' (what we call people who attend church with people in this job), you can be fired. Not only can you be fired, but, you will be replaced by one of the "bubbled pod people" with in seconds. It will be like you never exsisted.

**angry war cry scream**

Wow, that felt good to get out.

It is hard being a young woman, in a corporate environment, where everyone you work with has almost 10 years on you.
They think they can Mother Hen you to death.

Not me.
I silently pout about a world where tattoos aren't excepted.
I vent here.
I vent at home..
But never at work.

It doesn't matter.
It sucks.
But not enough for me to make a stink about it.

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  1. You know, it's been a long time since I've worked a "real" job, and most of them had 'no tattoo' policies. Personally, although I don't have any, I don't care if others do. Yes, there are some that I don't think should be shown in a corporate setting, but whatever.

    Most states, if I remember correctly, are 'at-will' states, meaning that they don't have to have a reason for firing an employee. They can just say "your services are no longer needed" and leave it at that. That's the suck - they don't have to give you a reason.

    Personally, I think it's cool that you're willing to cover them and not rock the boat. Sometimes, I get tired of people who are all "I'm going to force them to accept this" and get all up in arms. I'm all for picking your battles, and if it's a good job and you need it (who doesn't?) then you do what you have to do to keep the peace. No need to create drama where there doesn't need to be any.


  2. I get it if someone has an obscene tatt, but seriously if someone wanted to fire you for your tatts, they'd have to prove that they hired you knowing you had them and it didn't stop them. You come "as is." If you decide to dye your hair purple and go on a job interview and they hire you with purple hair, they can't spit nails if you dye it orange tomorrow. Oh brother. I'm glad I work from home, even though I make only a fraction of what I could in an office. I'm not real good at shutting up and taking it. Someone would get sass'd at and it'd only be a matter of time before some jealous old bitties wanted me out of there. haha. I'm not safe for public consumption, but then who is?

  3. ^ Yeah, what she said. Or something. :P

    I worked for a cable company that had a tattoo policy. They didn't care if you had them, but they could not be visible. For me, that meant no capri's in the summer. *shrug*

    I think tattoos are works of art, and should be able to be displayed. But, I get that some places don't want them to be. Whatever. If it means I have to wear pants all the time, then I wear pants all the time. :) I don't like skirts and dresses anyways. ;)