People Just as Crazy as Me

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursdacap: 11/10/11

Did everyone go back to yesterdays post to view the pictures??? You didn't?

GO LOOK... then come back.... I'll wait.


Ok? You love them? I knew you would.

Okay... I was sick this week.

Sinus Infection.... Neurology Appointment..... Physical Therapy and more testing to follow... These are things I've already....

Let's see... My boss has taken a mini vacation to Myrtle Beach again... So I'll be able to blog and think about what I want to say....

And what I want to say is:
Happiness is Goofing off with your 4 year old

Love is Someone who will Goof off with you... Because it's fun

I think Klay is up to something with our anniversary... He's been taking off of work... and been kind of secretive... So, I'm hoping it has to do with that... and that it's not like... well... some yucky negative alternative.

I have to say, I started this blog because I had so much stress and confusion in my life... I needed some place to vent... But, recently... I have found the venting is kind of calmed... I am not as angry or aggressive as I once was... It's only been 6 or 7 months since I started this blog....

This is not to say I have a perfect life.. far from... and no one has a "perfect life". Perfection is unattainable.
But, my life is the happiest it has been... in a long time.
Happy.. and boring... MmmmmmmmMmmmm I have yearned for a predictable life for some time...
Surprises... Life Surprises, have never been in my favor... and used to be so filled with drama, that I loathe them.

At work, we are already getting into the Christmas Spirit, as our TREE JUDGING will be on November 30... and then all of December there is food, and celebrations (yes, this is at work)... We really don't get anything done.. but still get paid. It's awesome.

Karissa and I (who have calmed, and both of us are being nice to eachother again... hormones suck) are in charge of one of the Christmas displays for our section...Which is pretty awesome.
I like decorating, and being silly... I'm usually pretty good at it..... you know.. because I'm a freak. Nuf Said.

That's all I got today...

Be at peace.


  1. Haha. You crack me up. You have men to love--that makes life fantastic! Let your blog evolve with you. Mine certainly has. Everyone loves you and follows your journey. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the anniversary. It's absolutely ridiculous for someone my age to say, but I can't wait to fall in love for the first time and have a man fall in love with me and to have him do one romantic thing, so I know what it's like. These are small blessings, but ones women wait their whole lives for.