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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursdacap: 11/3/11

This is the world's LONGEST week... EVER.

Yup, I knew it though, Anytime you get a "Free" day on a Monday... it makes the rest for he week seem longer.

It's nice to see that my Love Letter to the Spamming Sites was well received... It completely irked me yesterday.

And, once again, the week has been filled with:
  1. Work
  2. House cleaning Contemplating House Cleaning
  3. Laundry
  4. Breakfast/Dinner making
  5. 4 year old drama
  6. Bath/Bed time routine
  7. Adult Exhaustion instead of necessary bathing....
Well, number 7 is a stretch of the truth... However, I really could wash my hair more... You do the feel test, "Does it feel dirty?" If you answer no, you go to the Visual Check, "Does it look dirty?" If you answer no, you proceed to the smell test, "Does it SMELL dirty?". If you make it to this point, answering definitively no... then in my world... it can wait another day.

(Gross? Kind of? But, I for the most part, I do this working mom and parenting thing by myself, with very minimal help.)

Moving along... I am now irritated.

My anniversary with Klay is this month, I average it around the 17th.
I had a horrible time ordering what I wanted to get him.
A comic book.
It's out of print.
So... The exact one he wants... I can't get anywhere for under 60 bucks.
It's insane.

My irritation came, when I thought I'd ebay it from the UK (like I did with Emry's costume) and the price looked IDEAL... the seller just writes me back telling me that the shipping will be 10x more than it is listed... BECAUSE IT IS A HEAVY BOOK.
It's 3 small editions SLAMMED into one book. The book weighs LESS than five pounds.
No way am I paying GPB 23.75 (Roughly 50 bucks) in shipping for such a thing.
Cancelled the order.
And now... I'm without a gift.
I could get him the individual volumes, and then Make my own Twisted edition box for it.....
The thought would count... RIGHT?

I'll have to see when my refund comes in.
So pissed right now.


Emry is getting a cold.
His nose is a little runny, and I can hear this cough starting... *sighs*.... Just pray that the vitamins I give him, and his allergy medicine will help him fight it off....
Perhaps a lazy weekend in bed would do him good. Not sure if he could do it... But, rest always beats the crap out of colds.

I think I'm getting it too though.
I haven't been in pain this week, been going to bed without my meds... but, I feel very run down. My throat thought about being sore... But, it goes away....


My boss won't be in until noon today, so I can take the time to bitch, moan and groan on todays post.

I have been trying to eat better this week.
Salads, fruit, grilled chicken... cutting back on the carbs... and finally re-ridding the soda from my world.
(How do you RE-RID? You re-rid, after you haven't taken a sip of soda for a year... and then one sip sends you into a downward spiral of Caffeine/Sugar addiction.)

I've been doing pretty well, but I am also attributing my "run down" feeling to the lack of Sugar and Crud in my system.

Oh well.
So sad.
Too bad.
I'm going to look ROCKING during the holiday season.
No, If, ands, or BUTS about it.

Until later my friends.

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