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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Yahoo Article Post - Really Obama? REALLY?!

Liar Liar Pants on Fire... Ooops is that mic on?

Good morning folks... I'm still pretty ill, but today's post is brought to you buy our President of the United states AND the French President.

In a microphoned meeting room... these two were having a private conversation... Unaware the microphones were "accidentally" turned on.


Sarosky calls the Israeli leader a liar... and Obama's response, wait for it... because it's a good one.

"You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you," Obama replied, according to the French interpreter.

This was "accidentally" broadcasted to journalists that were listening in... Off the record or not... These worlds have been leaked.

Now, I am a fan of our President. I think he stepped into a HORRIBLE MESS... and has tried very hard to do changes to our country. Not as many as he would have hoped... but still, the man is trying.
He is well spoken, charismatic, educated.... he seems very family oriented.
I like him.
(Sorry if this splits the relationships with some of my other bloggers, I try really hard not to discuss politics but this article was a serious DUH moment.)

Even though President Obama said what he said very diplomatically.. and didn't really agree with the "Liar" comment... He really didn't do much to protect himself. Especially with all the tension in this particular situation....

Seriously... My view point.
I really can't attest to Netanyahu's honesty, but we work him very often, and I hope that we are all on the same page to do some good.

You're in a MICROPHONED ROOM... and undoubtedly the most Hated/Loved President we've had in recent years.... CYA PRESIDENT OBAMA. Normal folk have to watch what they say about co-workers all the time... Same thing with National Leaders...

And I hear my grandmother's voice echoing in my head, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all..." and may I add... while in a G20 Summit Microphoned MEETING ROOM!



That's my post for today.
Sorry if some of you hate it... I will not post anything about politics for a long time....

Personal News:

I have impacted sinuses... that were flushed... Feels amazing (by amazing I mean like fiery oil going through my sinuses.)

I saw the Neurologist this morning... More tests... Physical Therapy (that may include massage... mmmMmmMmmmmmmMmmmMmm)

Emry's school pictures came back and are AWESOME.

And I am enjoying my day off.....
(except for my sinuses)

Hope all is well with everyone, I have not been reading much... because long periods of screen viewing causes my headaches... At least I can type without looking at the screen. . . . . However, I know that I have been making much more typographical errors.

I apologize, and promise to catch up reading (and commenting when I can.)


  1. "I have not been reading much... because long periods of screen viewing causes my headaches"

    I'm buying a kindle for this, the screen is so HQ that I have not headhaches anymore.

  2. Seriously. I'm hardly in the public eye, but even in regular conversations with folks, I joke around about myself and crazy life situations, but not other people. It's nice to commiserate, but Obama is a great diplomat and it would have probably served him better to consider his words and be empathetic without on the attack. Something like, "You might want to focus on what he doesn't say more than what he does if you don't trust him."