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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whatever Wednesdays - Emry Edition!

So yesterday afternoon, I discussed doing weekly posts about Emry... in place of another scheduled post.

Since I couldn't find much on the Whatever Wednesday Front... I thought it be a good place to start with:

Emry, is for the most part, a normal 4 year old boy.
  • He's active
  • He gets into everything
  • Wants to know about everything
  • Has an answer for everything
  • Loves to run
  • Loves to play
You know normal stuff.

But, then, you start to see glimmers of something... genius? No... I wouldn't call it that necessarily...
I think my son is secretly:
Image Detail

Yes... World Domination.... Secret Agent status.

He's no normal four year old... he's a Super Villain.. masquerading as a 4 year old.

He's not bad.
Not to me.
Not all the time.


He's just comes out with these tidbits of information... and you look at him and go.....
"Where'd you hear that? How do you KNOW that?"

Very perceptive child.
I swear... The word Crystalline comes to mind when I think of him.
(Don't know what that is... Well.... Look it up.... and yes, when you read it... I am that weird.)

He's always asking questions.
He never stops asking questions...
He draws his on conclusions from the provided answers... and then... well... places the pieces into the REAL question.
(and he'll ask you the same question three times [in a row] to see the differentiations in your answering)

"But mama, you said the first time THAT......." yada yada yada.

I've learned to answer questions briefly and exactly the same.
Because the base question, isn't the real question.

He never asks you the real question... because he thinks he can figure it out on his own... with your little answers.

I'm not joking.

His conversations go that way too:

"Klay, do you have power?"
(this is during the recent snow storm.. we had it on the 29th)
"Yes, I do."
"Oh, well, you can't know that, you're here."
"Yea, I guess, why?"
"I think you don't have power... you have to stay here 2, 3 weeks..."
"You know, we could move your bed in my room. You can stay"
"But, what if I have power?"
"You don't."
"How do you know?"
"I know, klay, I know."

3 hours pass by:

"I loves you"
"I love you..."
"If your car was broken you could stay here."
"Why would my car be broken?"
"I'm just saying Klay."

(Now, we're starting to realize that there's a God Father... Children of the Corn, Village of the damned quality to my son... it's like brainwashing.)

But, then, he goes right back into being a 4 year old... but, the wheels are always turning.

This is the beginning of the Emry Chronicles.
When I cannot find something to post about... I'll continue with recent tales, and anecdotes about my wee one.

Probably not, unless you're a Mama, too...
You should be though...
One day, he'll be our Global Ruler.


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