People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yahoo Article Tuesday - 11/1/2011

I AM SO SHOCKED... not... at all actually.
There is nothing going on really in todays news... nothing that really interested me.

But, this, got my spidey-sense going...

After 72 days of marriage... Kim Khardasha-slut... files for divorce!


She has been said to idolize Elizabeth Taylor and Jennifer Lopez... who both... got married and quickly divorced QUICKLY SEVERAL TIMES.

This girl is a socialite... who is trying to make success of her pretty face... even at the cost of marriage.

Now, my conspiracy theory.... The hubby was in on it too... He's making money off this thing too....

I am not surprised... these people are vipers... and make the American Population look like bafoons...

What a way to live a life....


  1. The best way to combat these idiots is to deprive them of our attention.

    That should include posting anything about them (negative or otherwise) because that only feeds the internet search engines their names even more.

    (I guess that would also include commenting about them anywhere, so shame on me!)

  2. It was a TV poser wedding and what's really disgusting is that there is no E! channel anymore, it's just Kim's Dream Wedding Channel. Oh Jeez! Bring in the next groom and next wedding.