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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yahoo Article Tuesday - I got a couple today

Am I making up for lost time?

Let me start out with this:

Adriana Lima - Victoria Secret 1st Glance

Now, I may not get a lot of hits on this, however, Adriana Lima, has to be one of my favorite models.
Even though, it appears, that sometime recently she had some work done... either that or her face is starting to widen.... She struts around in these tiny, scandalous outfits... and in honest, she's a down home girl, with values. She has a purity promise not to have sex until she was married, and also wanted to let people see that you can look one way on the outside and have a true heart. She gives me hope for our young women....

Oh, and if you secretly watch Project Runway or America's Top Model.... The Victoria's Secret show is tonight (Tuesday, November 29, 2011) ... so check your local listings.

Joran van der Sloot-ciopath.... is doing what????

In case you've been living under a rock, van der Sloot is, the man still suspected of murdering disappeared American student Natalee Holloway in Aruba. He's also was being investigated for the murder of Stephany Flores. This man was never convicted of the Flores murder do to the fact he wasn't properly sworn in when being questioned, pressured to say things, etc. It doesn't appear that he is going to get away with either of these crimes, however, he is still suing left and right for money he may never be able to use. What kind of strategy is this? Oh wait, I know, one of a complete sociophathic MASTER MIND.

Elderly Theif returns $$$$

Back in the 40's this man stole $20/30 from a local Sears... and now... returns the money plus interest (totaling in $100). Opinions? Wait, how about this one, There's at least one CONSCIENCE in America! Today's youths, if never caught, would never come around later on. Am I being cynical? perhaps. But, that's just me opinion.

This is horseshit

A tech-savvy, cellphone approved theater? HORSESHIT... YOU GO FOR THE EXPERIENCE... NOT TO TEXT OR NETWORK.. If you want to do that, do it AFTER the show.
That's it.

5 Brain Myths!

Myth #5 - I am so sad... it makes so much sense... wait, what am I doing? Where am I typing?

How was that? Lots and lots of articles.

(PS: Emry is sick, so am I ... and life sucks... have a nice day.)

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  1. Haha. Okay, my #1 pet peeve is cell phones anywhere--they've made everyone into zombies. But, in the theater, even texting, lights up the screen and my view too. It's like flashing a flashlight over your shoulder during the movie. I am not a pleasant woman in these situations and embarrass the people I'm seated with because I will give a lecture standing up in the theater.