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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Emry Chronicles - I Miss ...

Thank you for tuning into another edition of "The Emry Chronicles".

Today's topic... the over the top... drive me crazy sentence... "I MISS <insert name>".

If Emry doesn't see some one for a few days... it's instantly, "Mama, I miss..."
Cute. He wells up, tears form in his baby blues...

I explain that everyone has a schedule, and that he'll see them as soon as it can happen.
No biggie.

Well, yesterday night, "Mama, I miss Papa."
Papa is the word we use to denote my father (Emry's Grandfather), who lives with us.
He saw him LITERALLY the night prior.
I looked at Emry with this incredulous gaze...
"Emry, you see Papa practically every night. He says good night to you.. yes?"

"But not last night Mama."

I just went... WoW.
I told him he was being silly because honestly... he was.
If my father doesn't get off the train at a normal time... he won't wake up Emry to say goodnight.

It makes me wonder if Emry has dependency issues.
Like an inate need to be loved... the same way... ALL THE TIME.

That statement may sound silly to some, but let me further explain.

Since Emry has been born, he has been the GOLDEN CHILD to many people.
Everyone has fawned over him, and just fell in love.
I am not spinning this or being biased... the kid wins your heart instantaneously.

And now that he's getting older... this extreme level of attention is expected from Emry.
Not joking. You can tell... if he meets a new person, or we see someone that hasn't been around in a while... Acquaintance, Butcher... ANYONE... He instantly tries to get their eye... Out-Cute their last memories of him....

Is that a bad thing?
That he's eager to please?

But, if for someone reason he doesn't get the dose of attention he expects to get... the next day (or even shorter periods of time later) I get strings of, "Mama, I love you". Or "I want to snuggle."

As I write this, I know it's coming across wrong.
I am not saying that I, in no way, shape or form... resent the fact that I have a snuggley lovey dovey child.
What I'm seeing is... that sometimes this affectionate side... may be more of a NEED for MORE. Or expectation to be adored. I don't want my kid to have a huge ego, or think he's the cat's pajamas.

Does that make sense?
(I hope it does, because for the life of me I cannot figure out another way to explain it.)

I want to raise my kid to be as well adjusted as possible.
The right amount of self-esteem.
Humble and Forgiving.
Confident and Kind.
Snarky when he needs to be.

We shall see if this me worrying... or if it manifests into anything in the future...

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  1. I think it's very sweet. My son is the same age and always seems to need a lot of attention and physical affection. There will come a day when they tell us to go away, so I try to just deal. Besides, I can think if worse things than expecting others to be kind and loving. You won't every have to worry about him hanging out with assholes.