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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday - 12/2/2011

Did anyone read this?

This article disturbed me so much, I am posting it on a Friday... I couldn't believe the things I read in it.
Schools have lost their minds and are OUT OF CONTROL. Or are kids that bad now a days?

Zero Tolerance Policy.
That's what the schools are hiding under.
Please.. someone, when you see this in your schools code of conduct... please have them OUTLINE what that means.



I have made a plan in order to become healthier and calmer.
And, to complete remove myself from Karissa.
I am not dealing with that.
I didn't get an apology.. I got a snide hello this morning.
Whatever... I already made a plan, you can go slam your office door all you want... I'm done with your BS.
An adult would APOLOGIZE.. then I still would be nice to you, but would completely back up from your crazy antics.

The plan.
  • I'm going to eat an early lunch at my desk, and when lunch hour comes through, I'm going down to the Fitness Center in our building. (No confrontation there, and I'll lose some poundage.)
  • I'm going to join the bookclub on Wednesday's during lunch..... This will keep me around other people who are goal and work oriented... who enjoy eachothers companies.
  • I am going to sit in the cafeteria, by the tables that overlook our beautiful watergarden, and read.....

I am not the person I used to be, and I will not be pulled into even acting close to the way I used to.
I am 27 years old, and a mother... this stupidity will not happen to me.

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