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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here I am! "Miss me Darlin's?"

I know, I never got back on Friday night, to let everyone know how the Ex-in-Laws thing went...

Nor have I wished anyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday or Coming New Year.

So let's get that out of the way.

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday! And I hope your New Year Rocks.


The other thing?
Went surprisingly well...

Mapquest did screw me, and even though I stated I wanted to take a NON-TOLL Route into the bronx... well....... I had to go over the George Washington Bridge (and me without $12) .......So NYS Traffic Authority will be sending me a LARGE bill some time soon.

But, the actual interaction...
Not so bad.
Emry got to play with his cousin.
The Ex didn't pop up.... They did have a gift from him to Emry, but, no one said who it was from... so, it was kind of an Empty gesture....

What was interesting.... Well, you tell me what you think of this.

When I was married... and I went to visit the In-Laws house.... Their apartment was covered in pictures of Emry and Nick (the ex)..........none of me. Never any of me.

We went down this time, and there were a few of me, tons of Emry.....and not a STITCH of the ex.

Weird? Interesting? It was definitely something.

Emry got his first round of presents...
(I was notified the next day that they had "forgotten" to give him all of them, Grandma will be coming up on Thursday to finish off these gifts... As if he NEEDED anymore)

We drove home...
He went to bed...

Christmas Eve went surprisingly smoothly.
The weather was chilly, but sunny...
The traffic was minimal.

Emry ate at both meals... only drawback... Emry had a mild fever. Nothing else, just a little fever.
So, he was a tad sluggish.

My uncle got Emry a bike, it looks like a motorbike... So, Emry was over the moon about it.

We got home late, Emry went to bed, and slept until 8:00 a.m. Christmas Morning.
I think the fever made him forget that Santa delivered presents... because I was sure that he would have been jumping OUT of the bed at the crack of dawn. Nope. We woke him up.

Unwrapped everything.
Ran to Klay's and did the same thing.

Drawback there was that Klay's grandmother, the sweetest old lady EVER, was very ill... So presents were paused so that Klay, his brother, his wife (the doctor) and his dad could go check to make sure she was going to be okay.

Which she will be.

Went home.
Played with practically EVERYTHING.

Picked at food all day.

Nothing extravagant.
Pretty laid back.
Pretty awesome if you ask me.

And in the process of 2 days, I took 150 pictures.
Am I going to post all of them?
Nope. Could you imagine how lunch blogger would take to do that.

What did I get?
This and that's.
Very special pieces...
I was very pleased... and I feel very special.

I'm just a tad exhausted, and came into a problem at work...
So there goes my peaceful day of filing... RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW.

I better get to my day.

Hope all is well with everyone else...

And, from the private message I discovered the other day the only answer I have is: Some times.

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  1. Sounds like a good holiday, all in all. I'm glad it went well for you and especially for darling Emry. I hope he's feeling better. Poor lamb. I remember having the flu during Xmas one year and not even playing with my toys. It sucked. I hope you get a New Year's kiss. Can you believe I've never had one? I learned over the years to just sleep through New Years so I don't resent it so much. Stay warm and dry and safe.