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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I want a massage dammit!

I went to school for Massage Therapy, and my favorite point of my schooling was the Student to Student hands on work.....or even being the demo for the teacher.


My body was PERFECT when I was in school.

I haven't worked as a MT for about 2 years now, and I haven't really had a REAL massage in about 3 years.

So. What I want more than anything, some time soon.... IS A MASSAGE.

Oh hell, I want a Spa Day, at a NICE SPA.

However, I do not want to pay the current rates for such things.
When I worked, and it wasn't at the RITZ-iest of places, we ran specials and deals.... that MADE people want to come in.
I went looking today......not a single place has winter packages or discounts.....
So..... For what I want.......Which isn't a lot.........At least in the world of SPA'S....
  • 1 hour Swedish Massage
  • Basic Manicure
  • Basic Pedicure
So, about 3 hours in the Spa. Just me.... and a couple of nice Spa Employees.


I looked into it...
About $155.....minimum.

I was thinking.......about $100.
Why? because I have about $130 to play with.....Just for me.
(100 for the services 10 bucks each for the workers tip)

I know what the split is for a Spa Employee, and it does suck......and the tips are never grand........
I just want to relax.
Just a little.

Soothing music.
A little Pamper.

There's one place in my area, that looks fairly new......
I think I could get the Massage and the Mani for a little under $100.

But, then, my conscience dives in to interject.
"Do you really NEED that?"
"Couldn't you just soak in the bath?"
"Use your heating pad?"
"Give yourself a damn manicure?"
"Couldn't you use that money for important things?"
"Doesn't Emry need something?"

Stupid Conscience.
Go Fuck Yourself Conscience.

But, for right now.... just a dream.
Just a want.

But, wouldn't it be nice?
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail

So, I guess it's going to be me....homemade Bath Salts.....and a single candle....... In my OWN bathroom....with my own SPA MUSIC......
Just imagining.


  1. I've been poor lately, so I haven't been going much... I'm addicted to acupressure massage. I used to go about once a week, and sometimes more. However, I did get a gift certificate for Christmas and will probably be going today... Totally not bragging at all... okay, maybe a little... ;)

  2. Doc--seriously, I do my own acupressure--I'm good at it too. Can practically paralyze a person by doing it. I just went through a 3-month bout of sciatica. Talk about needing a massage. My work meant sitting 8 hours a day and then my writing meant sitting another 7 hours a day. I thought I'd go mad. Yes, massage is vital. Just one massage can keep a woman going for a whole month, sometimes more. We need so little, we never ask. Go for it. Consider it your reset button. For now, I'm just massaging my feet and using my acupressure points, but I am working into my future budget as a successful writer to get regular massages. Well, a girl needs a dream.

  3. do it!! as a mother, you NEED to do something for yourself every so often. and if i had $100 to spare, i'd already be in that spa!! lol

  4. I know those fancy massage spas can be pretty pricy. What you need is someone to massage you for free. Call up a local massage school and inquire - don't forget to mention your own qualifications - not only might you get a free massage, but you'd be able to offer them an honest critique (and maybe some sage advice) from someone who knows the business.