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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meth for Moms - Thanks Heather

Heather Reese writes a blog called "My Husband Ate All the Icecream". and on her blog today I read a post that honed in on this article. It hit home... so hard... I mean, I was like the wimpy kid who would always strikes out while up to bat, getting his first home run. That's how hard it hit home.

The Drug of Choice for Moms.

Read the article.
The woman they quote, would drive with kids in the car while on METH.


Now, I am far from perfect, and I don't strive to be (something Heather Reese and I share, I swear, read her blog, you'll love it).
However, I would never, ever, ever get HIGH around MY KID. It would never happen. Nor do I get drunk in front of my child.

In public settings, say the Ren Faire, or a BBQ... where there is alcohol served... I won't drink. AT ALL. I won't even sip someone else's... why? Because, it makes me bitter that I can't have a beer. (It's the truth, doing the right thing SUCKS sometimes.)

Women do this?
Try to over-achieve by using Meth?
I have never heard a more insane claim in my life.

Now, back to the reason why this hit home.

I've said it once and a thousand times on this blog.

Before Emry, I was an addict, like INTERVENTION TV SHOW candidate worthy.

Cocaine and Meth... are basically the same thing when you look into it.
So, I can tell you... When you are high on an amphetamine... you are incapable to watch a child, let alone take care of yourself.
Maybe at first, when it just makes you hyper and happy.
But, when it turns on you... and you need more and more to establish the same feeling.. you feel ravenous, and sick, and crazed.......... It's UNNERVING. IT'S AWFUL.

When I found out I was pregnant.
I stopped.
I prayed to whatever God was up there.. whatever energy source granted miracles up above... That he would be okay. That my lifestyle wouldn't permanently affect his life.

I was lucky. Emry was born perfect.

I silently thank my son, for saving my life.
For turning it around and making something of myself.

I cried when I read this article.
The pressure that these women felt to do everything.
The Need to fit the mold of being MOM.
That led them to do that...
And reasoned in their heads that it was OKAY.

My house may have a few cobwebs from time to time.
The laundry may sit in clean, folded piles on top of the dryer for DAYS and DAYS at a time.
The bathrooms may go uncleaned for a week (or sometimes two).
Dinner sometimes is thanks to a frozen Stoffer Family Lasagna.
But, my son is safe with me.
My son is happy with me.
There is no chance that a drug will take me away from my son.

Hug your kids.
Let go of the little things.
Life is beautiful... even with the cobwebs.

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