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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The week after Christmas is always HARD at my job... not the work load... THE FOOD LOAD.

Yes, I'm having a fat girl moment here.....Just deal with it.

From the day after Thanksgiving to the Day before Christmas Eve, there is countless meals made and given to our department... not to mention the parties.

So, you get used to having breakfast waiting for you at work, and an interesting lunch....
Saves you some money too... since you only have to take part in making 1 of these meals for 1 of these days.

The days after Christmas is almost like FAMINE has struck our office.

I brought my lunch, but still... my body is craving sustenance, and what I brought will not cut it.


I could run out, and grab something else.
(I just don't want to spend extra money on something filled with Fat and Calories that I don't need.... and with money I shouldn't be dropping because I'm weak in the knees over food.)

I just.
I guess I should have packed more.
I brought a small salad, and a small thing of Pasta w/ Broccoli Rabe Pesto.

It's portioned appropriately.
Should be nutritious and tasty...
I just want, A BURGER with Bleu Cheese and Bacon and HOT SAUCE, with thick Steak Cut Fries... and a large cold ice water.

Yup, can you tell?

At 11:15 I ate the pasta (I couldn't wait.)
and now I'm holding out until noon for the salad.
Tomorrow I'll bring stuff to snack on... Stupid Stomach....Stupid Body Demanding food.

What about you?
Does the Holiday season mess with your normal Eating Patterns?

When you're starving... what is your Top 1 want?
Does it change depending on the circumstance? or month? or season?


Speaking of hungry type subjects.

Last night, I attempted to make Store Bought, Tollhouse brownie bites.
I followed the directions exactly.......
and guess what.

*shakes head in dismay*
All I wanted was fresh baked SOMETHINGS!

Grrrrrrrr Argggggggg.

I'll just use pictures until lunch time.
Image Detail

Image Detail

Image Detail


Aw crap.. that didn't work, now I'm even MORE hungry.

Oh well....
What is everyone else having for lunch?

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