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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There was no article comment section.. You get to read my rant.

Stop Teacher and Student Online Communication

One teacher says that using Social media to communicate with the students "works." and that's why it's used so much.

We didn't have social media when I was in school... No wonder I'm illiterate.

I do not think that Teachers and Students should be "friends" or interact on Social Media Outlets.
I think Facebook and Twitter are more Casual then other sites.

No one uses Facebook/Twitter to market their name or employment... They use something called Linked In.

Maybe the schools should come up with their own District Message Board.... Kind of like ICQ.... This would be monitored by someone in the District, and the Teachers would have to register as Teachers and the Students as students... This way...... You know that someone in charge is keeping things legit.

Yes, the Internet may help some students interact with a teacher more than in class... some kids are quiet and afraid to ask questions. It just has to be done in the right way.

I just read all the cases they came up with...... All the Teachers taking advantage of Students... It's disgusting. It makes me feel very scared for my son.


Vent over... for now.

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  1. i agree students and teachers should not be interacing on social media sights. I think your idea would be great! have a secure monitored sight.