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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursdacap - 12/15/11

I had to write my ex-mother in law a letter yesterday... Just to make sure that the EX wouldn't magically show up at dinner on the 23rd.
I hate writing this stuff, so of course, I pussy-footed around it... Shooting the breeze, asking what the plan was for the 23rd... you know.... PUSSY-FOOTING.

And then...
I added....

The only thing left on my mind, is Nick.
I'm sure you are getting the idea that things are not going smoothly on that front.
I also know this is a touchy subject for you and I to engage in.
I'm not a gossip, so I won't share... but, I hope you understand, that I have Emry's best interest at heart.
I hope you respect that, and respect my wishes that Nick shouldn't show up when we are there on the 23rd.
It would be very TRAUMATIC for Emry.
It has been a long road getting Joe comfortable with the fact that Nick isn't around, and the only thing I can tell him is, "Daddy isn't ready to be a Daddy, but when he is, we will work it out."
Please help me to protect Emry...

Thank you for helping keep our families connected, I know it is very important for all of us.

So that's what I wrote...
I thought it covered all the bases nicely, and wasn't accusatory in the slightest....
What do you think?

I hate writing these types of things... It's such a touchy subject.
But, then, I will restate... I am ALL ABOUT DOING THE RIGHT THING.
And the right thing is for Emry to know his family... regardless of how much they may hate me, or hate the situation.

But, honestly... their hatred of me and the situation is SO HYPOCRITICAL!
I can't even begin to tell you.
My ex-mother in law has never been married and raised two kids by themselves without ever really telling them about their fathers.
(There's nothing wrong with that... I commend her for that.. It takes a strong person....)
My ex- sister in law.......Had a baby, and basically told the father, who was more than willing to help, and a sweet guy... to go F'ck himself and she didn't need him.
So THAT'S TWO Women raising babies alone without men.

So... you know what I mean... Yes a touchy subject, because it's different when your Son/Half Brother is the deadbeat not being a parent. But, still, my point can be respected through all of this......

I wrote that email yesterday, and I haven't gotten a response.
I don't mean to upset anyone.
It just needed to be said.
Because, if that boundary was ever crossed... I would have to change my mind about letting "Emry know his family.".... Because in the end, his best interest is to be HAPPY and HEALTHY........Healthy environment, Healthy Lifestyle... etc. etc. If they can't see that....and can't help maintain that... We don't need them.
We have a lot of other family that loves us very much... Who understands the situation we were put in very well.


I went to dinner with an Old Friend last night...... Glenn.
I have known Glenn since I was oh... maybe 13.
So, a pretty long time.
He's always been the friend to pick me up when I was down... and drive me when I couldn't drive myself.
He's a true friend... and never has tried to abuse that friendship in anyway.
We can talk for hours, about everything, and nothing.
Good person that Glenn.

Indian Food, and a cup of coffee before bed........NOT so good.


I dreamt that my father was supposed to take Emry to a Childhood friend's MOTHERS house (why, I don't know, it's a dream..) and instead, I find out that he left Emry with THE STALKER.
I found this out when I went to get Emry, and THE STALKERS CAR was in the drive.
But, no Emry, no Stalker... just the car... So I start screaming for Emry. and then He pops up, He's okay... and then the Stalker walks up right behind him... Asked how I was, then drove away. I ran in to interrogate my father as to why he would leave him with .....well, THE SCARIEST PERSON IN MY WORLD THIS PAST YEAR........ My father was nonchalant, and rude about it........and then, as we stood in his room, The floor boards start to move, and darkness below........I tried to get Emry to Jump onto a safe board with me........and for some reason there were other children with Emry........ I woke up as Emry and the other children started to fall into the darkness.


I blame it on the food and the coffee.
I woke up in a sweat.
Just awful.

Any one have an opinion on that one?

And now, I am at work.........still feeling sick to my stomach from the dream I had....
Feeling like poop.
Got to get started I suppose.

Is it the WEEKEND yet?

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  1. I am SO glad I don't have any situations like that to handle!

    I think you did well. You stated your (very real) concern in no uncertain terms, so there should be NO surprises.

    If Nick still shows up, just take Emry and leave - period, no excuses, no apologies.

    As far as your food dreams go, just avoid eating or drinking anything (but water) at least two hours before bedtime - even long before consuming something spicy or full of sugar and/or caffeine.