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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Recap - 12/29/11

This morning, at 7:30a, I brought my car in to be serviced.
$656 later... I was able to leave the shop by 11:00a.m.

Why so long Kat?
Because there is only one Alignment Lift in the place, and one of the other douche technicians decided to pull another car in, while my tech was test driving my vehicle.

I was so livid, but since the manager was ill, the techs were running the shop, leaving me to have to deal with their angry behavior towards each other.

I got home and had to clean... like super ultra mega clean. Why?
Oh Emry's grandmother had "forgotten" to give him all of his Christmas Presents.
So, she said she was going to come up. ALONE.
Nope, she just texted, WE ARE AT THE MALL. BE THERE SOON.
WE? Who the fuck is WE?
It was just supposed to be ME (as in YOU).
Nope, the car is packed, Ex-sister in law, Ex-Grandmother in law, Ex-Mother in law and Ex-baby cousin - in law (yes, I went there.)

She does it to me all the time.
Says SHE is coming up, but brings everyone.
Who said I wanted to entertain ALL of you?
But, I was keen to it this time, house is spotless, and if you're hungry/thirsty.... GET OUT.. because I will say this in my most SINGSONG voice, "You should have told me EVERYONE was with you, I would have known to go food shopping for snacks!" and then she'll offer to buy lunch, in which I'll quip with, "Oh, we already eat, but you guys, go have a nice lunch, Emry and I had plans anyway."
And before they can interject, they are out the door, and we are far AWAY.

Think it will work?
Probably not.
Worth a shot though.

These two days were supposed to me just Emry and I...
I hate how one of these days is overridden with Car Repair, and EX-IN LAWS.
I need a teleporter so at least I don't have to deal with one of the two reoccurring pains in my life.

*rolls eyes*

They should be here soon...
But keep your fingers crossed that it ends soon, so that Emry and I can get back to "US TIME".

We rarely get to do anything fun together.
These days are supposed to be for that.

Enjoy you day everyone.

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  1. Oh my, sounds like the end of the year cram it up your ass scenario. I feel like it's just chores, chores, chores, and no actual holiday. Well, you two can cuddle up and read books and have fun when all these "duties" are over. Very crafty. I like the idea of saying you've already eaten and sending them shuffling off.