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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We do work... Where one person will take the orders, and fly to get it.

Today, My friend Lissa and I... decided we want.....Greek... MMmmMmmmMmmm

Karissa has the only menu for it on the floor.
Oh yeah...
The dreaded Karissa.

I asked politely for the menu, and asked her if she wanted anything.
"Yes and Yes."
Then a pause.
"Who's going to get it?"

I answered that I was... and she kind of gave me this look, and then uttered something that the menu was locked up and she would have to give it to me in a bit.
(I want to note that she had an hour and a half of bullshitting in the breakroom before actually stepping in to her office.... Two seconds to get me a menu is a big deal?)

Fast Forward.
 Hour later....
She's still goofing off and joking around.....
And I.......
Still don't have the menu.
I bet she waits until .......1140 to give it to me..... so I don't have a chance to ask anyone other than Lissa, I and her if they want anything. So that I look like a brat who doesn't ask everyone about yummy food.

I hate drama.
I almost want to tell Lissa that we aren't going to do this... and just get Chicken Soulvaki's from the local diner. How different/bad could it be?

And then I could get anything ANYONE wanted.
Diner's are awesome.
Just saying.

I just didn't want the slop downstairs, or the leftovers in my fridge.
Is that so wrong?

Why people have to hold a grudge is BESIDES me.

Will not lose my cool at work over a MENU.
Even if Karissa is being a cunt about it.
(Yeah I used the C's really how I'm feeling)

This may sound trivial....
But, sometimes, I just know when I'm being f'd with.

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