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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Spam Sites, (A SECOND LOVE NOTE)

Dear Spam Sites:

As you remember I wrote y'all this letter here.
Now, I have another quam to pick... with DOMAR.RU.

STOP SPAMMING MY SITE, this is INSANE! You are completely fucking (yes, I cursed, deal with it.) with my pageviews. You don't read my insanely witty and snarky posts... YOU JUST SPAM AND SPAM AND SPAM.

I have written to blogger about this, submitted a complain through the Webmaster Tools... and still.. Here you are... and Personally.. I'm thinking of making my own spam site, that focuses on JUST YOUR SITE.
I have a tech savvy boyfriend, leave me alone, or I'll blow up your complete operation.


I want you to know that this is indeed personal, and I plan to make immediate action.

If you don't remember I threathened the last spam sites with a She/He.... So.. now...

Image Detail

I threathen you with THIS!

You scared? You should be... this thing comes from beyond the grave.



Wednesday... Oh geez

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 is TREE JUDING day in our office.

Every department decorated a tree, to the years Theme: Christmas Movies.

So, we had a morning refreshment period, carolers, tree judgers... and then a free lunch...

Sounds cool, right? No work to do, right?
It is cool, but oh boy do I have work... with taking the day off yesterday... for Emry and I were both BLECHK... I have so much to catch up on...

I have a feeling my boss waits to do work, until I am not here, so she can watch me scramble the next day.
Jokes on you lady... i'm 75% done already (and it's before noon.)

Last night, while I slept... I received two restricted phonecalls.
Meaning, someone blocked their number so I couldn't see they were calling...
  1. If I were awake and saw a "restricted call" come in.. I wouldn't have answered it anyway... at least last night I wouldn't have... now I'm kind of pissy about it.
  2. I think anyone who blocks their number is a pussy. Just saying.

I think we all remember that I was stalked for a pretty long time, and we're going on the year point since that ended... Yes, in a few short months, I will be dirty stalker free for 1 year. And, oh boy, does it feel good.

However, with the blocked calls... one right after the other... The lump in my throat formed.
Could it be?
Why would it be?
Are you kidding me?

And then I suppose it could be my "mother". I use quotations, because that woman is only the word mother, not in heart or soul... I hope she rots off the face of the planet... all the strife and pain she has brought to our family.

So as you can see... Stalker or Mother... both restricted options just plain suck.

See if it happens again, perhaps I'll stay up a little later... see if I can actually catch another call.
What makes me think they will come again? They always come again...

I'm in a pretty defensive mood... so bring it on.
Just bring it on.

(oh and by the way... I still can call Verizon and have them send me a copy of the call and it's length, and also, for a small fee, give me the number attached to the call... so, I can forward it, if need be, to the police, make an iron clad never ending restraining order out of it.)

Did y'all hear the gusto in my voice....

Can you see the VENTING taking place.

You can, good...
Feels good to be received....

I chug along on this little blog.. with my small quaint following, of people who I know love and respect my words (and you know I love all of your work too). Once again I reflect on the growth I have made.
Once again, I remember that a year ago.. I wasn't even close to being happy, and now... I am. I am 100% at ease with my world.

I have family.
I have friends.
I have a love that is my own.
A job.
An amazingly simple life.
And.. someone upstairs (God, Goddess, Energy Source) that is looking out for me. That I have enough, but not too much.

Have a good day everyone.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yahoo Article Tuesday - I got a couple today

Am I making up for lost time?

Let me start out with this:

Adriana Lima - Victoria Secret 1st Glance

Now, I may not get a lot of hits on this, however, Adriana Lima, has to be one of my favorite models.
Even though, it appears, that sometime recently she had some work done... either that or her face is starting to widen.... She struts around in these tiny, scandalous outfits... and in honest, she's a down home girl, with values. She has a purity promise not to have sex until she was married, and also wanted to let people see that you can look one way on the outside and have a true heart. She gives me hope for our young women....

Oh, and if you secretly watch Project Runway or America's Top Model.... The Victoria's Secret show is tonight (Tuesday, November 29, 2011) ... so check your local listings.

Joran van der Sloot-ciopath.... is doing what????

In case you've been living under a rock, van der Sloot is, the man still suspected of murdering disappeared American student Natalee Holloway in Aruba. He's also was being investigated for the murder of Stephany Flores. This man was never convicted of the Flores murder do to the fact he wasn't properly sworn in when being questioned, pressured to say things, etc. It doesn't appear that he is going to get away with either of these crimes, however, he is still suing left and right for money he may never be able to use. What kind of strategy is this? Oh wait, I know, one of a complete sociophathic MASTER MIND.

Elderly Theif returns $$$$

Back in the 40's this man stole $20/30 from a local Sears... and now... returns the money plus interest (totaling in $100). Opinions? Wait, how about this one, There's at least one CONSCIENCE in America! Today's youths, if never caught, would never come around later on. Am I being cynical? perhaps. But, that's just me opinion.

This is horseshit

A tech-savvy, cellphone approved theater? HORSESHIT... YOU GO FOR THE EXPERIENCE... NOT TO TEXT OR NETWORK.. If you want to do that, do it AFTER the show.
That's it.

5 Brain Myths!

Myth #5 - I am so sad... it makes so much sense... wait, what am I doing? Where am I typing?

How was that? Lots and lots of articles.

(PS: Emry is sick, so am I ... and life sucks... have a nice day.)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey! I'm Back from my blogging vacation!

Good Day to you all!

First let's cover our Music Mania Mondays!

Dia Frampton - the runner up from Season 1 of THE VOICE, has released her First Single entitled "The Broken Ones"

I personally, LOVE her voice, I think it's very unique, and I was bummed when she didn't win The Voice.

(Especially when the actual winner, had albums already produced, and was already... successful.. It's not America's fault he was stupid and decided to work for crappy people!)

This is Dia's cover of the song "Heartless" made popular by Kanye West.

So original.
So awesome.
Should have won....I'm bitter, can't you tell?

Does anyone else watch these shows?
I lost my love for American Idol, when very accomplished, hardworking artists were being overlooked by the popular teeny bop votes... Just saying.

Now, since I've been gone for way too long, I know you are all dying to know what I did on my vacation away from blogging.

Well Let's See!

Wednesday - 11/23/2011
I worked until noon. We were supposed to get out at 2:30 p.m., however, they didn't want to open the cafeteria, so they let us go at noon! So nice, I picked up my pies early, I got the cleaning done, and the pre-cooking... all done before Emry went to bed.
I know... I'm amazing.... I was so happy, and relaxed, knowing that I only had to do a few things on Thanksgiving... We watched movies, and relaxed... SO NICE!

Thursday - 11/24/2011
Thanksgiving Day... DOOMS DAY... not really... It actually went quite nice. My dad had invited his sister and her son (yes, my aunt and my cousin... but I really don't know them, so... it's just Mike and Pat to me.) They brought the appetizer, an amazing Italian Antipasto... from Staten Island... the home of many fat Italians... It was delicious. So, since they were bringing the appetizers, I didn't need to do any early morning prep. On my check list was the following:
  • Put pre-made side dishes (Thyme Buttered Carrots and Roasted Red Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese)
  • Chill Cranberry Sauce
  • Make Stuffing
  • Place Turkey in the oven
  • Drink wine/beer
  • Relax
Not awful... right? I was so calm the entire day! So Nice!

After dinner and dessert, we cleaned up, then Klay and I took Emry to see THE MUPPET'S!
It was a cornball movie, wasn't my favorite Muppet movie of all time, but, Emry really seemed to enjoy it. So, hence, I enjoyed it.

Went home, put Emry to bed, then.... well, passed out from the impending food coma.

Friday, 11/25/2011-
Once again, I refuse to go Black Friday Shopping. I have had bad experiences in the past, and do not wish to have them occur again. Most of the day was spent at home, the only reason why I left the house was to go to the grocery store to buy rolls, for EXTREME TURKEY SANDWICHES (which consist of everything from the prior days dinner... on a roll).
Emry had found a coupon for 2 free tokens at our local arcade, thus, he begged and begged to go. The arcade is in the mall. UGH. Fine, yes, we went. We didn't show up at the mall until after 2:30pm, so the crowd from the morning explosion had dispersed. Emry enjoyed doing something he liked, and then we just went home and crashed.
Well, I crashed, my neck was giving me serious issues, so, I watched as Emry played outside with the neighborhood kids.... and watched him stand up for himself. One of the kids pushed him, and he said no. The kid pushed again, and Emry told him "No, That's NOT OKAY! You need to 'pologize.". When the boy didn't... Emry came inside and waited for the apology. I was very proud of him.

Quiet dinner... Quiet bath time... Quiet day.

Saturday & Sunday, 11/26 and 11/27/2011 -
Laundry, lounging, and putting up the Christmas Tree. Klay helped us, and Emry just was elated. He's been calling Klay "daddy" on a regular basis. So much, that Klay responds to it. It's so sweet. I love my little family. It's finally a "real" family. I'm truly grateful for being given this opportunity...

I finished my Christmas Shopping. Everything was purchased from LOCAL vendors. EXCEPT FOR EMRY... Toys'r'us and Barnes & Noble are the only options for him right now.

I was bummed though. I wanted to get my sister one more thing, however, I was frightfully close to going over our $20 cap. So, what did I do... because I was at my awesome-ness... I made her, with things I had in the house... a 5 layer aromatherapy jar of Pedi-Salts. What are Pedi-salts? They are like bath salts... for your feet. You throw them into a warm foot bath, and just... melt. She has really bad plantar fascitis, so I figured she would love this. I even colored the different layers... I was in my prime. Used an old (but clean) glass jar, created a label on my computer... flourished it with colored string... PERFECT. Exactly what I needed to
send my gift OVER THE TOP!

Turned the left over Turkey, Carrots, Corn, Ecetra Ecetra.... into Soup. A yummy soup... (IE: Lunch for the rest of the week).

And... then... well........Went to bed early, because I had work .........

So, that brings us to MONDAY - 11/28/2011..........
I am here at work.
I have been writing this post and doing work for the past 2 hours...
And, I have fully caught everyone up  on my Blog-less few days.

Miss me?
I know you did?

Now.. Start commenting...
  • Tell me about your turkey day...
  • Tell me about your black Friday
  • X-mas shopping.
  • What's going on with yourselves.

Come on.
Let's go.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The next few days----

The next few days are going to be crazy... between cleaning, and preparing, and Cleaning... and PREPARING... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm okay. I'm sorry, I lost my head....

So, with all of that *motions above* going on... I feel like I will not have time to attend to this until after Thanksgiving...

So from my family to yours....

Hugs to all... May your thanksgiving be filled with great food, great family and great times....


Monday, November 21, 2011

They can't fire you for that!

I am tired of people telling me, "YOU CAN'T BE FIRED FOR THAT."

It's usually in response to me NOT showing off my tattoo's.

If you work for a private company... Yes you can.
The only thing they can't fire you for is: Sex, Gender, Nationality, Religious Beliefs.

My tattoos, even though they are awesome, are not covered under any of these titles.
So hence, I can be fired for them.


Yes, they do... but a butterfly or a crucifix is hardly going to rock the boat here.

I have two Pin-up Girls, practically naked, on both of my forearms.
And one of them HAS HORNS AND A POINTY TALE.. oh and bears the mark of the beast.

I think that would be grounds for getting fired in my Private Christian Corporation of a job.

I have no problem covering my arms.
Even in the summer...
Our office is an icebucket... NO ONE WEARS SHORT SLEEVES EVER!
The second I walk outside at the end of the day, the sweater comes off, and then I will show them.


But, if I hear, "You can't be fired for that", again.. I'm likely to get fired for knocking someone upside their head.

I made the decision to get these tattoo's.
I was raised respectfully, and not to ROCK the boat.
I need my job, and that's that.

Some people think that they can impose on others... and walk on that... line.
Like they can't be fired.

Oh sweetie/buddy: You are not irreplacable. And if you aren't 'in the bubble' (what we call people who attend church with people in this job), you can be fired. Not only can you be fired, but, you will be replaced by one of the "bubbled pod people" with in seconds. It will be like you never exsisted.

**angry war cry scream**

Wow, that felt good to get out.

It is hard being a young woman, in a corporate environment, where everyone you work with has almost 10 years on you.
They think they can Mother Hen you to death.

Not me.
I silently pout about a world where tattoos aren't excepted.
I vent here.
I vent at home..
But never at work.

It doesn't matter.
It sucks.
But not enough for me to make a stink about it.

Image Detail

What do you think?

What do you guys think?

Is it saying Hey Crazy Bitch?

I think it's just babble.

Music Mania Mondays - *sighs*

I personally love the sound of Christina Perri's Voice.

I'm not entirely comfortable saying I love a song off the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Album.....

However... Listen to her haunting voice.

Happy Monday All!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday - To Mame or Not to Mame

Oh shit.

I had this really great idea for a post, based on the title above.... and that was 3.5 hours ago.. I do not remember what it was... or what I was going to say....


I feel just awful.

Oh wait.

I'll fix this...

Image Detail

Raspberry turtles anyone?

This is currently my favorite song from the new Evanescence album... Just saying....

It's Friday...
I guess that's a good thing...

If I remember what I was going to say... I'll type it later.....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take the time today.

Take the time today and do one (if not all) of the following:
  • Tell someone you love them...
  • Hug someone
  • Tell someone that they're wonderful
  • Let someone know you're there for them
  • See past what someone is telling you and see what they really mean
  • Be a good freind.
Life is short.
There are too many angry people in this world.
Too much destruction.
Too much hatred.

Not enough Heart.

So today, let' s give a little more heart.

Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail

Thursdacap - 11/17/11



There's no sleep...
I can sleep when I'm dead...

Rather do housework than be in this office.


Recap.....................Worked, Got Slammed with MORE work... Took care of Emry...Cancelled all doctor's appointments, because I need to save money for the impending holiday.... STUPID HOLIDAY... STUPID FAMILY.... STUPID SANTA CLAUS ACTUALLY BEING ME. Stupid me for loving the death out of ALL of them.


But, I digress...

I think Klay and I have decided to split the costs on presents for my dad, his parents, and his brother/sister-in-law......That's great.... a major relief.

I have everything covered I think...
Except: MY BOSS.

OH Wait... Have I started talking about Christmas Shopping before December 1st?
Is that a faux pas?

Image Detail
Image Detail

Well, not really.. I don't hate Christmas... I hate the STRESS of Christmas...

Thus, I start my shopping in November, determined to get it done before Thanksgiving... But, since that's not going to happen this year... I gave myself until the 10th of December.

This way. The only thing I have to do, is put up the decorations and ornaments... on my fake tree...
And wrap said presents.

I'm not a fan of shopping... I hate crowds of people all looking at similar things... It really irks me....
Especially, when you are looking at something, I mean, the thing is IN YOUR BLOODY HANDS, and someone is looming over your shoulder looking at it too.... ready to pounce on it if you put it down....

In some cases, "Are you going to buy that?"

I live in NY... not the city... technically "upstate"... however, people think we are in the boogey down Bronx the way they act around here....

My patience is tested on the regular....
I don't have much left for people I don't know...
I usually raise my eyebrow and walk away with said item... then put it down near a register.

That's why I do it.


I got way off track here.... Oh that's right, I can't find anything to get for my CHRISTIAN STRAIGHT EDGE BOSS...



I know, I am at a loss too....
Dollar Tree better have some nice stuff...
(I'm joking...sort of....)

Oh well, I suppose I should get back to work.

Hey... Tell me:

  • When do you start your Christmas shopping?
  • What do you do when you simply can't find the right gift for someone?
  • Is hand making gifts CHEESY?
  • What about re-gifting, have you ever done that?
  • Ever re-gift to a person who got you the said re gifting present?
  • Funny anecdotes? Anyone? Bueller?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

THE EMRY CHRONICLES - third edition

As we know Emry is in a silent battle with the school. What's the war over? Whether or not Emry (and I) will allow him to be pegged as a Malicious Anti-Christ (is that statement an oxymoron... oh wait, the school is filled with morons... so it cancels out the OXY part.)

I received an apology from the school regarding the discipline notice.
It's basically been ripped up... and was only meant for "guidelines"... to show that there is repercussions for actions...
Then they revoked that statement since what happened was purely ACCIDENTAL.


But, do you know how I know that Emry is in the right?
That he didn't lie about this?
Two reasons.
  • The person whose name was on the Displinary Notice (who "witnessed" the necklace incident) came to me on Monday, and told me, it was never meant for a report, he only brought it up to the Principal in case she wanted to tell both sets of parents, so that the chain could be repaired. They put his name on it, didn't even tell him that there was a report... SHADY.
  • If Emry was so malicious and diabolicle... then... why is it that Older kids run up to him in the supermarket screaming his name? and HUGGING HIM? and saying how much they "MISSED HIM." yeah, he's evil alright. PURE EVIL.


Hopefully me putting my foot down as taught this school to only write a DISCIPLINARY NOTE if they really mean it, and if something ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


Emry told me yesterday,

"Mama, do you know GOD was here on earth?"
(I send him to a private Catholic school. 1) It has a full day and Latchkey program 2) I want him to know religion and deduce his own beliefs from it. 3) I went through it too, so now it's his turn.)

I look over, "Yeah? How's that?"

"Well, Mama, Mrs. <teacher's name> said that Jesus had GOD inside him. Jesus is GOD's son... HOW WAS GOD INSIDE HIM MAMA?"

I put my book down, "I think that is more of an expression really. Jesus held GOD'S message with him, and did things he thought GOD would want him to. Be nice to people, Take care of the sick, Not judge others."

"So GOD wasn't really IN HIM?"

"No baby, not actually..."

"Why did GOD let Jesus do all the walking around then? Why didn't he just do it?"

"Emry, what do you know about GOD? What does he look like?"

"I don't know Mama. Mrs. <teacher's name> says that he is ALLL POWERFUL. And watches over the entire earth."

"Well, if he is all powerful and watches the ENTIRE EARTH, than he must be pretty big."

"I bet he's a giant, Mama."
"Then maybe he sent Jesus, because he was too big too walk around our world..."


Then Emry proceeded to go back to playing.

I try not to push my beliefs on him.
I believe in a higher power.... an energy source.
I believe in doing the right thing... and looking out for our fellow man.
Seeing the best in people.

Not really that Religion Oriented.
Just have a high Moral Code.

When these conversations arise, I let him answer his own questions. I just kind of guide the answers.

How do y'all think I did?

Some times these things are tricky.

Comments are always appreciated, and please let me know if you have any ideas for future posts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yahoo Tuesday - Pffft.

No news Is Good News.

In my opinion.

Lost in work today.
So much paper.

Save me

Monday, November 14, 2011

This weekend.. yep... you get a Monday Need to Vent Recap.

This weekend, went, super quickly... So, quickly that for the 3rd or 4th weekend in a row, Klay and I had no "us" time... Which I think is important... Since in my 1st marriage, we never made any time for eachother, and the "schedule" became our life.. which made the asshole ex wander... and cheat... repeatedly... Because he did the schedule, said he needed his own free time (instead of us time) then disappeared.

So I see, a walk outside, Appetizers and a drink.... A trip to barnes and noble.... even free time at Klay's apartment... as a vital part of our relationship.

Klay has gotten into the habit of being so helpful, that he asking to do chores around my house. Seriously. I have an amazing boyfriend... but, I do not want him to feel that the daily in and out, chores, and weekend burden is his to bear.

So, when I knew he was leaving Sunday evening early, my estrogen filled hormones got the best of me... I cried. I moped. I lost my cool... and just sobbed.

And then cried harder for becoming her...

I kept apologizing to him for it. I have no reason to be that way. Klay is amazing, our relationship is great... He's so helpful and kind... I just... Well, I'm missing the us time... I am getting worked up over things that happened in the past. That Klay wasn't a part of.

But, the sad part is... Emry, feels the same way, he gets so sad when Klay leaves.
It's really as if the fairy tale ends, and we (emry and I) look at each other, and pout.
One day it'll be a reality... Just not right now... We both have to deal, and to push on.

So when I finally stopped my wallowing, I was able to get my shit together, and Klay got ready to leave. That's when Emry came down the stairs, and pouted at Klay's departure.. I swear, we were in rare form last night... I'm not sure Klay has ever seen the way Emry reacts to his leaving.

And I saw the proverbial line being drawn, between Emry and I... and Klay.

This has been an ongoing problem.
The balance.

And, now, I fear that Klay will hate leaving us on the weekends, for the sheer reason that he thinks we cry it out EVERYWEEKEND. I don't ... Emry does... But, still.. It's to be expected with a kid.
I think I messed up... I think that I put a glitch in the dynamic.... The obvious dynamic of close.. but not that close.


I make positive steps every day...
I work towards the life that Emry and I deserve every day...
Patience is key...
Endurance is difficult...
and now...
Sadness needs to be fought off...

FRUCK - That's what happens when you combine the F word with a Crack

Do you see it?
Not really... Okay... It's a cellphone camera so... I'm sure you see it a little.

What is it?
It's a crack.

Gravel truck dropped a pretty big rock on my car. . . . while I was commuting today.



My insurance says that upon a consultation they will determine whether it is a repair, covered at 100%, or a replacement, covered at 50%.

I am so pissed right now.

I paid off Emry's twin bed over the weekend, purchased X-mas gifts... I don't have a lot of extra money for at least a month...

Please god... please...I really need you on my side at this moment.

**looks up...** All I see is the ceiling above my desk... no robed Zeus looking man... with a booming voice...
I'm screwed.

Music Mania Mondays

I just downloaded the Deluxe Edition of the new Evanescence Album...
I think you should too...

It's pretty kick ass.

No I don't have any links, because, honestly, there aren't any good ones yet....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Potpourri - This is what I get for sending my kid to a Private School

Dear Emry's School,

I am not going to send you this letter, rather I am going to write it on my blog, because if I actually sent this to you, you would doom me to hell, and kick Emry out of school.

I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU LABELING MY SON AS A MALICIOUS TROUBLE MAKER, for things, that I swear to the gods, are NOT that severe.

I understand that there is a fine line between an accident, clumsiness, and bullying... and that in todays' society that children are more carefully monitored. However, your discipline note home is bullshit.

Regarding the Kicking Incident:
(SIDE NOTE: The incident report reads as follows: Emry kicked child in leg 4 times during snack time.)
I spoke with Emry concerning this. Unless he is lying right to my face, this is what he says happened.
He was sitting at the table during snack time, and he was swinging his legs, his legs met someone else's leg during this process. I am appalled at the wording of your incident report. It reads as if my son, approached another child, and repeatedly kicked him. Even though 4 times is a problem, Emry has been reprimanded, and knows that he needs to respect other peoples space, and try very hard not to swing his legs while sitting down... because this will happen.

Regarding the Necklace Incident:
(SIDE NOTE: The incident report reads as follows: Emry ripped a religious necklace off of another child's neck. This was a brand new necklace given to the other child from his family.)
I have many problems with the way this was worded. Emry told me the following: During latchkey him and this OLDER BOY (SIDE NOTE: Emry is in K and this boy has to be in 5th.. much OLDER boy), were playing ball, and the older boy was playing keep away. When Emry tried to get the ball, his hand got caught up in the chain, and the necklace got pulled off. I am very sad that this was broken, and I will gladly pay to repair the chain, HOWEVER, this was not malicious intent, the boy was playing BALL... and these things do happen. I am unsure why such a special expensive gift was allowed to be worn to school, as when I was a young child, I was not allowed to wear special jewelry to school for this very reason. Secondly, I am sure I read in the rule book that necklaces are not to be worn at school. I understand you probably make exceptions for crucifixes, but still, it should not have been worn during play time. As I am to understand, children wearing jewelry, are to remove said jewelry in the gym, for this very fucking reason. I hardly think that a play time accident (that could have been avoided) is a disciplinary PROBLEM. Also, the wording of "ripping the religious necklace", makes it seem like Emry walked over to this boy, and just broke it because of what it was.

I am APPALLED at the wording of this disciplinary notice, and recommend that a meeting should take place. I am not agreeing to the light in which my son is being shown, and I expect this to be rectified.

I am so old, that I cannot comprehend what a PHYSICAL OCCURRENCE IS NOW A DAYS?
I would like outlined definitions of what a PHYSICAL OCCURRENCE IS.

I hope you bible thumping bastards read this and are afraid, because I swear, I am showing all of these reports, and their actual happenings to my family lawyer, as he thinks you are ass-backwards as well.

I hope to hear from you soon, regarding your disciplinary policies.



No, I am not sending this exact letter in to the school on Monday.
However, I am writing something very close to this.

Am I being one of those moms?
Not my son?
Yes, Emry admits that these things did occur... but they aren't exactly as written on the note.
I do not want him seen as the bad kid, he's clumsy and awkward... he's a fucking 4 year old.

(Oh I note, one more of these notes, and they kick him out.... I am putting my fucking foot down.)


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do you think Emry would kill me if I told him I ate the remaining bits of his Hallowen Candy?


Thursdacap: 11/10/11

Did everyone go back to yesterdays post to view the pictures??? You didn't?

GO LOOK... then come back.... I'll wait.


Ok? You love them? I knew you would.

Okay... I was sick this week.

Sinus Infection.... Neurology Appointment..... Physical Therapy and more testing to follow... These are things I've already....

Let's see... My boss has taken a mini vacation to Myrtle Beach again... So I'll be able to blog and think about what I want to say....

And what I want to say is:
Happiness is Goofing off with your 4 year old

Love is Someone who will Goof off with you... Because it's fun

I think Klay is up to something with our anniversary... He's been taking off of work... and been kind of secretive... So, I'm hoping it has to do with that... and that it's not like... well... some yucky negative alternative.

I have to say, I started this blog because I had so much stress and confusion in my life... I needed some place to vent... But, recently... I have found the venting is kind of calmed... I am not as angry or aggressive as I once was... It's only been 6 or 7 months since I started this blog....

This is not to say I have a perfect life.. far from... and no one has a "perfect life". Perfection is unattainable.
But, my life is the happiest it has been... in a long time.
Happy.. and boring... MmmmmmmmMmmmm I have yearned for a predictable life for some time...
Surprises... Life Surprises, have never been in my favor... and used to be so filled with drama, that I loathe them.

At work, we are already getting into the Christmas Spirit, as our TREE JUDGING will be on November 30... and then all of December there is food, and celebrations (yes, this is at work)... We really don't get anything done.. but still get paid. It's awesome.

Karissa and I (who have calmed, and both of us are being nice to eachother again... hormones suck) are in charge of one of the Christmas displays for our section...Which is pretty awesome.
I like decorating, and being silly... I'm usually pretty good at it..... you know.. because I'm a freak. Nuf Said.

That's all I got today...

Be at peace.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello! Thank you for tuning in to another edition of THE EMRY CHRONICLES.

On my oober sick day yesterday, Emry had off from school.

And well... he became... a model.

Not like a Calvin Klein model... but a model for Klay's Anniversary Present.

Has anyone ever read Tokyopop's graphic novel, "I LUV HALLOWEEN"?

It's a really awesome comic. I swear. You'd love it.

You can go on youtube and view the Volumes on there.

Here's the tricky thing... Tokyopop went under... I Luv Halloween is OUT OF PRINT.

(I didn't find this out until after I tried to order the 3 volume set...and couldn't get it.)

So, thinking quickly, I decided to make a Handmade copy.

How did I do that?

I got the character sketches, and did three of the characters... Using Emry as the model.

Image Detail

Finch is the leader (he's the kid with the scarf)
Devil Lad (Self explanitory which one he is)
Pig Pig (once again... tell me if you need me to point him out.)

Those were the three characters I made masks for, and matched costumes to Emry's clothing.
And it came out wicked awesome.

Where are the pics?
Well.. I'll edit this post tonight from home,and add them below here. (I forgot to bring my camera and sd drive to work).



Emry did so well, and was very helpful.
He picked the poses on his own... after I showed him pictures of the characters.

And Klay loved it soo much... He cried over it. Masculine Man Tears... But... nonetheless... tears.

Emry's a good boy.

And after the School Incident ... remember the Physical one? The toy over the fence bologna?

Well, I gave him one day of punishment in his room... only to come out for meals, and to do grocery shopping...

He was remarkable. Took the punishment well, and has been super ever since.

Small Blessings.

Thank the Gods.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Yahoo Article Post - Really Obama? REALLY?!

Liar Liar Pants on Fire... Ooops is that mic on?

Good morning folks... I'm still pretty ill, but today's post is brought to you buy our President of the United states AND the French President.

In a microphoned meeting room... these two were having a private conversation... Unaware the microphones were "accidentally" turned on.


Sarosky calls the Israeli leader a liar... and Obama's response, wait for it... because it's a good one.

"You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you," Obama replied, according to the French interpreter.

This was "accidentally" broadcasted to journalists that were listening in... Off the record or not... These worlds have been leaked.

Now, I am a fan of our President. I think he stepped into a HORRIBLE MESS... and has tried very hard to do changes to our country. Not as many as he would have hoped... but still, the man is trying.
He is well spoken, charismatic, educated.... he seems very family oriented.
I like him.
(Sorry if this splits the relationships with some of my other bloggers, I try really hard not to discuss politics but this article was a serious DUH moment.)

Even though President Obama said what he said very diplomatically.. and didn't really agree with the "Liar" comment... He really didn't do much to protect himself. Especially with all the tension in this particular situation....

Seriously... My view point.
I really can't attest to Netanyahu's honesty, but we work him very often, and I hope that we are all on the same page to do some good.

You're in a MICROPHONED ROOM... and undoubtedly the most Hated/Loved President we've had in recent years.... CYA PRESIDENT OBAMA. Normal folk have to watch what they say about co-workers all the time... Same thing with National Leaders...

And I hear my grandmother's voice echoing in my head, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all..." and may I add... while in a G20 Summit Microphoned MEETING ROOM!



That's my post for today.
Sorry if some of you hate it... I will not post anything about politics for a long time....

Personal News:

I have impacted sinuses... that were flushed... Feels amazing (by amazing I mean like fiery oil going through my sinuses.)

I saw the Neurologist this morning... More tests... Physical Therapy (that may include massage... mmmMmmMmmmmmmMmmmMmm)

Emry's school pictures came back and are AWESOME.

And I am enjoying my day off.....
(except for my sinuses)

Hope all is well with everyone, I have not been reading much... because long periods of screen viewing causes my headaches... At least I can type without looking at the screen. . . . . However, I know that I have been making much more typographical errors.

I apologize, and promise to catch up reading (and commenting when I can.)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Music Mania Mondays - Sorry Guys!

I'm still really sick.

But, I'm at work.... LOADED with stuff...

Watch this over and over again until tomorrow's post.

Send me good energy, and healing wishes...

Because I really think I'm going to explode.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday - 11/4/11 - Vertigo, Mama Vent

Todays post is brief

  1. I woke up with this ear fluid thing going on. No, biggie, it'll take care of itself... RIGHT? nope. On my commute to work, I felt a big POP in my ear. (NOTE: this is my left ear, and I don't hear well out of it as it IS!) Once I felt the pop, my vision blurred (I was driving, mind you.) and everything appeared to go sideways...Vertigo wonderful. It went away enough for me to get to work. But every time I cough or move, the vertigo comes back... like going on the Tea Cup Ride too much.... UGH.
  2. Emry, threw another students' toy over the fence at recess yesterday. The teacher called me this morning. He was sent to the Principals office, and repremanded (as was I). Kicker is, the little boy who's toy was thrown... SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD IT IN SCHOOL ANYWAY! It's AGAINST THE RULES... for this very reason. Kids don't share well.  However, Emry got the strike on him... and I was told that 2 more "physical occurences" and he will be asked to leave. THIS IS LUDICROUS... and NOT PHYSICAL. If it were physical Emry would have made contact with the child... not the toy... NO? Am I being biased. Kicker is... he didn't tell me... not at all. Completely unprepared for this crap. Now I'm fuming because I felt left in the dark about it. OPINIONS????
  3. My boss has been riding me like Seabiscuit today... I have not seen my desk all day there is so much paperwork on it... DYING.

That's it for now...
I guess...
Probably write later.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

And the ice breaks

 Say awwww.... you know you love it.

pushy broad

I work with a woman... we'll call her Karissa....
We've become decent friends... over my time at my job...
We talk all the time as of recently..

Today... I want to rip her face off.

I am done today.

I don't know what it is today, she is just REALLY getting on my nerves.
Everything has to be done at her time and her speed....

And she picks and picks and picks.

I am not fashion forward by any means.

I tend to dress however I feel, as long as it doesn't break dress code.

She picked at that today... and she picks at it all the time.

You don't like the way I dress... whatever.... but back off... It's not your body and I'm not breaking ANY RULES.

Then, she discussed with me, that she wanted to join my journey to eat better.
But then...
Well let's just say, "My dietitian says that to lose weight and to maintain it I can eat 2300 calories in a day, it doesn't matter what types of food it is as long it's not more than 2300 calories."


No dietitian told you that.

You got to change the way you eat.
2300 calories sure... she's tall and broad... I get that.

But, bagels toasted with butter, gyros... and anything you can eat, as long as it calculates under 2300 calories... ISN'T WHAT WAS MEANT.

Then, when I cave, because maybe I am being a little picky... and I say sure, let's get gyros today, I'll pay, you got me lunch the other day...


But still, I squashed my anger, said sure, just get me a receipt, and I want exact cash change from everyone... today....
And then... a half hour later... you don't come for my card... you don't bring me the money, or give me any indication of how much was going to be charged... YOU THEN COP AN ATTITUDE WITH ME? when I ask if you need HELP ordering.. because I know you're busy?
I'm done. I told her I was done for today. Figure out the gyro's herself, I brought something anyway.. I don't want this to be an issue... because obviously she is the only one entitled to be pushy...EVER..... (i didn't say that to her out loud, but I sure as hell feel that way.)

Oh I tell her this, and she still feels the need to come over to my desk, pretending to be all sweet....
Don't start with me today... I am in this mood... I am the only one who can allow myself to feel ANYTHING, HOWEVER... YOU ARE NOT HELPING...

I"m done.
I repeated it.
I told her we're not getting along today.. and to just let me be.
I got the turkey necking okay... and she walked away.
Thank the gods.

I am not dealing with this today.

After the "why can't I diet like this?" debacle, and the" Pick at the way Kateri has dressed here for a year" debacle...

Your cattiness and fakeness because you KNOW you pushed a button...ISN'T HAPPENING.


The lights have begun to flicker at work, my brain tells me... It's just the power company working on the lines... but, my core energy tells me... YOU'RE A NUCLEAR REACTOR ABOUT TO EXPLODE THIS FLICKERING IS A WARNING SIGN.

I should go home.
I should go home.
I should go home.

I can't.
I need to use my monthly sick day... on the 8th....

But still... I need to be home.
Under my covers
In hiding.
Before I just overflow.

Image Detail
This is how I feel

Thursdacap: 11/3/11

This is the world's LONGEST week... EVER.

Yup, I knew it though, Anytime you get a "Free" day on a Monday... it makes the rest for he week seem longer.

It's nice to see that my Love Letter to the Spamming Sites was well received... It completely irked me yesterday.

And, once again, the week has been filled with:
  1. Work
  2. House cleaning Contemplating House Cleaning
  3. Laundry
  4. Breakfast/Dinner making
  5. 4 year old drama
  6. Bath/Bed time routine
  7. Adult Exhaustion instead of necessary bathing....
Well, number 7 is a stretch of the truth... However, I really could wash my hair more... You do the feel test, "Does it feel dirty?" If you answer no, you go to the Visual Check, "Does it look dirty?" If you answer no, you proceed to the smell test, "Does it SMELL dirty?". If you make it to this point, answering definitively no... then in my world... it can wait another day.

(Gross? Kind of? But, I for the most part, I do this working mom and parenting thing by myself, with very minimal help.)

Moving along... I am now irritated.

My anniversary with Klay is this month, I average it around the 17th.
I had a horrible time ordering what I wanted to get him.
A comic book.
It's out of print.
So... The exact one he wants... I can't get anywhere for under 60 bucks.
It's insane.

My irritation came, when I thought I'd ebay it from the UK (like I did with Emry's costume) and the price looked IDEAL... the seller just writes me back telling me that the shipping will be 10x more than it is listed... BECAUSE IT IS A HEAVY BOOK.
It's 3 small editions SLAMMED into one book. The book weighs LESS than five pounds.
No way am I paying GPB 23.75 (Roughly 50 bucks) in shipping for such a thing.
Cancelled the order.
And now... I'm without a gift.
I could get him the individual volumes, and then Make my own Twisted edition box for it.....
The thought would count... RIGHT?

I'll have to see when my refund comes in.
So pissed right now.


Emry is getting a cold.
His nose is a little runny, and I can hear this cough starting... *sighs*.... Just pray that the vitamins I give him, and his allergy medicine will help him fight it off....
Perhaps a lazy weekend in bed would do him good. Not sure if he could do it... But, rest always beats the crap out of colds.

I think I'm getting it too though.
I haven't been in pain this week, been going to bed without my meds... but, I feel very run down. My throat thought about being sore... But, it goes away....


My boss won't be in until noon today, so I can take the time to bitch, moan and groan on todays post.

I have been trying to eat better this week.
Salads, fruit, grilled chicken... cutting back on the carbs... and finally re-ridding the soda from my world.
(How do you RE-RID? You re-rid, after you haven't taken a sip of soda for a year... and then one sip sends you into a downward spiral of Caffeine/Sugar addiction.)

I've been doing pretty well, but I am also attributing my "run down" feeling to the lack of Sugar and Crud in my system.

Oh well.
So sad.
Too bad.
I'm going to look ROCKING during the holiday season.
No, If, ands, or BUTS about it.

Until later my friends.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Spam Sites

Dear Spam Cites.

Such as

I know you don't do it often... maybe once or twice a week...
However, STOP SPAMMING MY SITE... in hopes I am going to click on your link... and be forced to download any virus you have... or be subjected to the CRAP you are trying to sell.

I'm sure you can't read this, because you are a super computer... unable to do anything other than bother Good Blogging Folks like myself.
You're like the cold calling automated telemarketers that are the reason I stopped having a house phone (well, okay, that's a lie, but it's 75% of the reason why I stopped having a house phone, the other 25% was the stalker... but hey... his cold calls at least fueled the restraining order.)

So stop.
you too:
(you're another repeat offender)

(SIDE NOTE: So friends..other blog readers... please know.. if you see these links popping up as referring sites, or hits... know it's not... Know you'll catch something from them...Yup, just like anyone who sleeps with Lindsay Lohan, or Kim Khardashian..... or the dreaded Britney Spears.....*throws up a little in mouth*)

Your friend  worst enemy (trust me, I'll ruin you.)


P.S: Whoever started these sites be warned... TWO CAN PLAY AT THIS GAME!
Image Detail
I'll send thisguy um, girl WHATEVER IT IS! After you!

Whatever Wednesdays - Emry Edition!

So yesterday afternoon, I discussed doing weekly posts about Emry... in place of another scheduled post.

Since I couldn't find much on the Whatever Wednesday Front... I thought it be a good place to start with:

Emry, is for the most part, a normal 4 year old boy.
  • He's active
  • He gets into everything
  • Wants to know about everything
  • Has an answer for everything
  • Loves to run
  • Loves to play
You know normal stuff.

But, then, you start to see glimmers of something... genius? No... I wouldn't call it that necessarily...
I think my son is secretly:
Image Detail

Yes... World Domination.... Secret Agent status.

He's no normal four year old... he's a Super Villain.. masquerading as a 4 year old.

He's not bad.
Not to me.
Not all the time.


He's just comes out with these tidbits of information... and you look at him and go.....
"Where'd you hear that? How do you KNOW that?"

Very perceptive child.
I swear... The word Crystalline comes to mind when I think of him.
(Don't know what that is... Well.... Look it up.... and yes, when you read it... I am that weird.)

He's always asking questions.
He never stops asking questions...
He draws his on conclusions from the provided answers... and then... well... places the pieces into the REAL question.
(and he'll ask you the same question three times [in a row] to see the differentiations in your answering)

"But mama, you said the first time THAT......." yada yada yada.

I've learned to answer questions briefly and exactly the same.
Because the base question, isn't the real question.

He never asks you the real question... because he thinks he can figure it out on his own... with your little answers.

I'm not joking.

His conversations go that way too:

"Klay, do you have power?"
(this is during the recent snow storm.. we had it on the 29th)
"Yes, I do."
"Oh, well, you can't know that, you're here."
"Yea, I guess, why?"
"I think you don't have power... you have to stay here 2, 3 weeks..."
"You know, we could move your bed in my room. You can stay"
"But, what if I have power?"
"You don't."
"How do you know?"
"I know, klay, I know."

3 hours pass by:

"I loves you"
"I love you..."
"If your car was broken you could stay here."
"Why would my car be broken?"
"I'm just saying Klay."

(Now, we're starting to realize that there's a God Father... Children of the Corn, Village of the damned quality to my son... it's like brainwashing.)

But, then, he goes right back into being a 4 year old... but, the wheels are always turning.

This is the beginning of the Emry Chronicles.
When I cannot find something to post about... I'll continue with recent tales, and anecdotes about my wee one.

Probably not, unless you're a Mama, too...
You should be though...
One day, he'll be our Global Ruler.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let me ask you:

Let me ask you something...

Does work seem longer after a day off?
Not like a weekend... but a holiday, or snow day....
The day after a weekday holiday/snow day.... is it longer?

It is?

I swear it has been 1:30p for at least an hour over here... and it won't progress.

Yes, time, I do know I'm supposed to be doing that dreaded filing project... BUT HONESTLY... I DO NOT WANT TO.

It's boring, it makes me bend at a funny angle.... and it makes my migranes start... So hence. thus, FINALLY, I decide to procrastinate on it.


So, Emry is getting picked up by Klay today... which is super awesome... because I can take my time going home...
Really... NICE AND SLOW.

Upon reading this blog... I really haven't touched much on him.... I discuss him briefly in Thursday Recaps... but, I really haven't had an in depth parenting post on him.... which is interesting... because he's always getting into something... like what? like everything....

I think that I am going to do at least one post a week... on Emry's development... or his antics....

Because he's pretty funny.

Have to think about it more indepth.... but I'm pretty sure this is going to be a reality.

Yahoo Article Tuesday - 11/1/2011

I AM SO SHOCKED... not... at all actually.
There is nothing going on really in todays news... nothing that really interested me.

But, this, got my spidey-sense going...

After 72 days of marriage... Kim Khardasha-slut... files for divorce!


She has been said to idolize Elizabeth Taylor and Jennifer Lopez... who both... got married and quickly divorced QUICKLY SEVERAL TIMES.

This girl is a socialite... who is trying to make success of her pretty face... even at the cost of marriage.

Now, my conspiracy theory.... The hubby was in on it too... He's making money off this thing too....

I am not surprised... these people are vipers... and make the American Population look like bafoons...

What a way to live a life....

Halloween 2011 PICTURES

OK. It's wicked early and before work... I can't figure out how to rotate them... So here you go... a Pink Lady and her Glowing Tron Legacy Kid