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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

7 lbs - No More obsessing

Yesterday, was a MAJOR eye opener for me.

And since, in my world, there is NOTHING in my control... everything is pre-planned, pre-measured, pre-determined...
  • work
  • emry's school life
  • emry's home life
  • personal life....
I was obsessing over this weight loss. Over GETTING HEALTHY.
I just wanted to really HAVE SOMETHING OF MY OWN.

That was wrong.

And 7lbs may not sound like a lot to lose in one month... but, it means I only have 13 to go...
I lost it too fast, and I lost it the wrong way... OBVIOUSLY.
I got very sick, and my body did not have enough to sustain it.

I take a lot of supplements.
I don't list them all.. But I do.
Other than the Primose Oil... I take a LOT.
The little amounts of food I was eating... well, burned through all of that... leaving me with NOTHING for my body to use in order to restore a healthy medium...


So, new plan.
Because my OCD needs plans.

I am cutting out the unnecessary supplements, leaving me with the Vitamins and the Primrose Oil (as needed).

I am not going to obsess over every calorie, I am at the month point of my weight loss journey.
I have seen what foods have worked for my satiation.
I have seen what foods have left my feeling emaciated.
I have seen what workouts leave me feeling energized, and the time of the day that I do them.
So, now that I know what works... I can continue the model.
I can add back some things, take away some others.
If I have a bad day.
I will get back on the horse again.
I will be at my goal weight by April.
No doubt about it.
So, I'm going to take my time from here.
No reason to obsess.

How about everyone else?
Anyone have a Revelation they care to share?
Any criticism or advice for me?


  1. Take care of yourself. Starving is not a wise weight-loss plan. Mix it up and keep your body guessing. Don't get into a slump either way.