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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Intake - week 1 day 1

Fresh Fruit Salad - 1 Cup (mixed Blackberries, Grapes, Cantaloupe, Pineapple) - 35 Cal
1/4 Cup Rice Krispies (sprinkled over for texture and crunch) - 26 Cal
14 oz. - Hot Green Tea - 0 Cal
TOTAL: 61 calories

Mid-Morning Snack
1 roll - 120 cal
4 pads butter - 80
TOTAL: 200 calories

1 cup Lentil/Meat Soup - 130 cal
Lean Cuisine - 250 cal
TOTAL 380 cal

1 serving - Homemade Chicken Parm - 367 cal

After Dinner Snack
1 Yoplait Light - 100 cal

Total Day Intake - 1,108 calories

Total  Water Intake - 40 ounces

15 minutes eliptical - 70 calories burned
45 crunches - 48 calories burned
Total Burned Calories - 118 calories

Overall Calories - 990 calories


Day One Observations -
I am not hungry.
I am usually STARVING all day.
Seriously, read prior posts written before lunch at work.
I am usually DYING by 10:30 a.m.

What I did differently..
Mid Day and After Dinner Snacking.
I could have taken a snack after lunch, but I drank a large glass of water instead... and I was instantly not hungry anymore.

I was able to save roughly a thousand calories today.
Can I do that everyday?
No. Absolutely not.
But, it shows me that I can.
I can control my intake.
I am still in control of my body.

I am also planning on going to the gym after work.
Going with friends...
So, my daily burned may be higher, meaning that I could always eat more during the day/evening.

Little by little, I will shed this weight.
Be Healthier.
Be Happier.

I feel good.
I feel Motivated!


Oh and @Ranting and Raving - EVENING PRIMROSE OIL Rocks my socks. I swear. 1 gel cap 3 times per day (which sucks because I can't remember to take pills on a schedule, I'm such a dork when it comes to those things... but this... Works, so I remember to take it! See how great that is?) I highly recommend it...

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