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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daily Intake - week 1 day 3

So not only do I bear my soul here... but I bear the most intimate details. My sex life? Oh no... I... well, I'd blush to much to write about that. I'm sharing my ACTUAL measurements. Which upon look at them, aren't so bad. So here we go.

Measurements (in inches):
Bust: 36
Waist: 32
Hip: 40
Thigh: 20

Goal Measurements:
That's a toughy, I don't remember what my measurements were before I had my son.
Nor do I know what ACCEPTABLE measurements are. But let's just say:

B: 36 (I like that one)
W: 28
Hip: 30-32
Thigh: 16-18
Not drastic drops, but still... I can't wait to see the journey it takes to get there.
I can do it.
I am motivated

Week1 Day 3
Fresh Fruit Salad - 1 Cup (mixed Blackberries, Grapes, Cantaloupe, Pineapple) - 35 Cal
1/4 Cup Rice Krispies (sprinkled over for texture and crunch) - 26 Cal
14 oz. - Hot Green Tea - 0 Cal
TOTAL: 61 calories

Mid Day Snack
2 Flatbread Wheat Thin Crackers - 60 calories
1 Tsp Flavored Goat Cheese - 9 calories
TOTAL: 69 calories

Lean Cuisine - 350 calories

After Lunch:
HOT GREEN TEA - 0 cal.

(SIDE NOTE: You will be pleased to know there was another BIRTHDAY CAKE this afternoon, and I resisted that too. I am DYING here. I REALLY WANTED THAT CAKE.)

1/4 cup white rice: 61 calories
1 bowl Lentil/Meat/Vegetable Soup - 350 cal
Total: 401 calories

After Dinner:
Yoplait Light - 100 cal

Daily Calorie Intake: 981
Total Water intake: 45oz.

Daily Exercise: (a lot of miscellaneous today without going to the gym, the elevators were broken for half the day, and then I had to post bulletins around the building.)
8 Flights of Stairs (up and down): 85 calories
4 Flights of Stairs (just down) x 2 : 70 calories
30 minutes moderate walking: 90 calories
5 minutes crunches/hip extension exercises: 35 calories

Overall Calories: 735 cal

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