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Friday, January 13, 2012

Daily Intake - week 2 day 4 (editted)

Fresh Fruit Salad - 1/2 Cup (mixed Blackberries, Grapes, Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Strawberries) - 17.5 Cal
1/8 Cup Rice Krispies (sprinkled over for texture and crunch) - 14 Cal
Total: 31.5 calories
(I think I have grown tired of the same breakfast for the past two weeks, need to brain storm another healthy low cal option... Any suggestions?)

Mid-Day Snack:
2 Flatbread Wheat Thin Crackers - 60 calories
1 Tsp Flavored Boursin Light Cheese - 9 calories
TOTAL: 69 calories
(Doesn't taste as good as goat cheese, but I needed I different flavor.. 2 weeks of anything gets boring... But, cheese and crackers can always be interchanged!)

Lean Cuisine: 300 calories
Yoplait Light Yogurt: 100 calories
Glucose Tab: 5 cal
Total: 405 calories

Cheese Spinach Red pepper Bread - 213 cal
1 cup pan cooked green beans - 100 cal
Total: 313 cal

Total Daily Intake: 818.5

Water Intake: 40ozs.

Walking in Place (while doing the filing project) 15 minutes: 45.75 calories
14 minutes on eliptical - 108 calories
13 minutes on eliptical - 102 calories

Total Burned Calories: 255.75 calories

Total Daily Calories: 562.25

Late Night Snack:
(actually more of a meal)
Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, White Bread: 400 cal

Total Daily Editted Calories: 962.5 calories

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