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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daily Intake - Week 3 day 2

I realize I didn't post my measurements yesterday, but, well, I lost my tailor's measuring tape... Need to get another one. I'll do that on the ride home tonight, and post it along with this article...

Low Sugar Instant Oatmeal: 120 calories
(I had bought "Weight Management" intant oatmeal packets, and they were 40 extra calories. Why do you ask? Not sure, they had almost exactly the same ingredients and proportions... However, 3 or so more grams of fiber... Meh. I have no patience to understand this crap today! rofl)

Gum x 2 - 5 calories

Mid day snack:
Cheese and Cracker what not - 69 calories

Lean Cuisine Flatbread - 360 calories

Tuna salad w/ balsamic and olive oil dressing
Carrots, cherry tomatos, green snap peas and spinach
Total: 216.5 calories

Yoplait Light - 100 calories

Total Intake Calories: 801.5 calores

Water Intake: 40 ozs.

Random Work Activities (stairs, filing, walking, yada yada) - 128 calories

Total  Calories: 673.5 calories

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