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Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Intake - Week 3 Day 7

Over the weekend. I was ill. Hell, it's Monday and I'm still under the weather. But, not so much that I can't get back on track. Just tired. So was Emry... but, you know, life goes on... the ever needed paycheck hanging in the balance.

Since I am sick, I am thinking of intaking more calories... Just so my body has something to fight the cold!

Oatmeal - 120 calories
Yogurt - 100 calories
Total - 220 calories

Mid Day Snack -
Cheese and Cracker Dealie - 69 calories

Lean Cuisine - 300 Calories

Home-made Chicken Tikki Masala over Rice - 459 calories

After Dinner:
Yogurt : 100 calories

Total: 1,148 calories

15 minutes Eliptical (AM) - 102 calories
13 minutes Eliptical (PM) - 107 calories
30 minutes Filing - 85 calories
 Total Burned:  294 calories

Total Intake: 854 calories

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