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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Daily Intake - Weekend # 1 - Week 1 Day 5

So as you can all see, I had to ADD dessert onto last nights intake post. Still didn't go over my calories. So, not so bad. However, the first little junk I had all week resulted in horrible stomach conditions... **pouts** Which makes me not want to eat ANY junk at all this weekend...

My stomach is really messed up today, so I'm not sure how much eating I will do.
It's amazing how your body reacts to crap food, when you haven't had it all week.
Makes you curious of how your body normally handles it, and what junk does to your insides allowing it to be processed without pain.

8 oz. Hot Oolong Tea - 0 cal
1 Large Hard Boiled Egg - 78 cal
1 piece White Toast - 64 cal
3 pads butter (my dad made the toast with extra butter, there was no way out of it): 60 cal
Total: 202

Mid Day Snack: None

Lean Cuisine Steamer Meal - 300 cal

Dinner: (estimated due to the decadence... I didn't even eat half of my meal...)
1 glass dark beer: 320 cal
1/2 glass red wine: 102 cal
1 duck quesadilla wedge: 208 cal
1 candied walnut, apple, onion endive: 90 cal
5 Tbsp roasted garlic creme soup: 20 cal
2 venison medallions: 78 cal
3 Tbsp wilted spinach in butter: 10 cal
3 Tbsp fontina polenta: 25 cal
Total: 878 calories

Water Intake: 30 ozs.

Total daily intake: 1380 cal

Exercise: Nope.. other than fork to mouth... Nothing.

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