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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daily Intake - Weekend #2 - Week 2 Day 5

I-HOP Simple and Fit Hash Brown Stack: 570 calories

Lean Cuisine: 230 calories

1.5 cup buffalo chicken mac n cheese: 868.5 calories
(we made it on our cooking date... It was so good, and so you know, we bought dessert too, and DIDN'T EAT it.) 

Water Intake: 30ozs.

Total Intake Calories: 1,668.5 calories

10 minutes vacuuming - 40 calories
Cleaning Bathrooms (30min) - 143 calories
Total: 183 calories

Total Daily Calories: 1,485.5 calories

1 comment:

  1. change the dinner calories for the lunch ones and you will feel a huge difference.