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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday - Loser

Here I am ....♪♫♪♫...on the road again...

Sorry.. I had to, I started a sentence 2 hours ago, and never got to finish it... So a song lyric... Seemed fitting.


I have sent another 100 emails this morning... before 10:00a.m.
Slave driver.
Can I claim workman's comp or work disability from intense JOINT DISTRESS?

Can I Can I Can I?

I'm tired and my stomach is still cruddy.

It's Friday, but I know I have the world of Food Shopping to do after picking up Emry tonight.
And then, I have to finish the cleaning list.... Bathrooms, Laundry (to be cleaned and put away) and the Kitchen Stovetop... Need to be done... Those are my most HATED household chores.

Maybe not spectacular... but interesting to say the least.


Nick looked hurt, but, to give Emry some back up here.
Nick brought a SINGLE can of Chef Boyardee for both of them to eat for their dinner.

I hope this point is driving home to Nick, that he needs money to be able to feed Emry... if he EVER wants the chance of Emry spending WEEKENDS with him AGAIN.

Emry isn't the biggest fan of Chef Boyardee.... every once in awhile, it's his guilty pleasure. He likes the beefaroni, or mini-raviolis... the whole grain ones. Seriously. I swear. But, I think that's because the can is more ASTHETICALLY pleasing than the others. But, what Nick brought. Was OVERSTUFFED something or other... and the picture showed you a cut seen on this BROWN HUGE RIGATONI LIKE LASAGNA THING... it looked super gross.... When it came out of the microwave... IT SMELLED GROSS. Even Emry made a face... the color... well, Emry willingly split a single can of this slop, so that he did not have to eat the whole thing.
A few minutes later, they were "playing". I use quotation marks, because Emry would open a game... Nick would play but be SO disinterested, and Emry would open ANOTHER GAME. Same thing. 3 or 4 times they went through this. ....
Emry got sad, and frustrated... and he asked, "Nick, can you go home?"... and remember between dinner time and bath/bedtime it's about an hour... so with 30minutes to spare..... He asked this.

Nick looked heartbroken. GOOD. HE SHOULD BE. Now he can feel how Emry felt for a long time.
This made Emry sad, but he still pushed it... politely... over and over again. Nick was gone by 545p.

I asked Emry if he still wanted dinners with Nick twice a week, if maybe we should take it back maybe to only ONCE a week.
Emry said no, dinner was fine, but (and these were his exact words) "But I don't want to play with him anymore mama, he doesn't even want to."

It's true.
He's old enough to see it now.
I give these dinners a few more weeks and then I think Emry will be over it.
He's gaining some type of closure by seeing Nick.
I'm sure of it.

So, tired.
Got to get back to work.



  1. Found you through Ghost Hunting Theories and stopping by to say 'hi' ;-)

  2. Ever tried the Chef Boyardee "BARFARONI?" Yummy.

  3. new blog!! {it's me ranting&raving}
    i deleted the old one, so you can follow me here if you want