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Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Friday - 1/6/12

Emry was PUNCHED in the FACE yesterday at recess.

I received the call right before I left work.
"<Emry> is okay, he isn't hurt, there isn't a bruise."

But, it sounds like an anger problem from a new student.


There wasn't a mark on him, and I had to have the conversation with Emry AGAIN, that if someone puts their hands on you, you push them away and scream THAT'S NOT OKAY.
He doesn't get it.
"Mama, I don't want to hurt any one."
I try to explain that pushing away some one who plans to hit you repeatedly isn't wrong, that it's only him defending himself.

I get the "OKAY mama...." and I know that he understands, but probably will not follow through.

I really want to smack these kids in the butt... I'm not a corporal punishment person.. I think it can go out of hand, real fast... However, a spanking for bad behavior, that's just something I don't see a problem with.
Children need to learn what their boundaries are. Simple as that.

Moving on...

Klay had some family things to do yesterday afternoon, so he was unable to pick up Emry from school. (I had asked if he could due to the incident, and that Emry was still in latchkey with the aggressor).
He asked what had happened, and I didn't want to tell him, because I knew it would take him away from his very important family matter. But, I told him Emry was fine and not to worry about it. Didn't think he'd be over at all, so I'd text him later. He showed up WAY before Emry went to bed. Good guy. Such a good guy. Helped with bath time, and then tried to tempt me with food... Bad boyfriend.... BAD BOYFRIEND. I stayed strong.

I am really committed to this. I think that in a month, I may be able to slim down to a comfortable level. As long as I continue with the mild eating, and the moderate movement.

I have this image of what I look like. In a mirror from the waist up, I can see that woman. Then, in a full length... I see someone else. It's a little defeating. And the thing is... I'm not insanely overweight. I am, 20 lbs... if that.... It's not awful. It's just there. 20lbs would put me UNDER what the recommended BMI is for my body. Now as I said, that weight doesn't matter, as long as the inches melt away... MELT QUICKLY INCHES MELT DAMN YOU!

What bothers me now is: THE WEEKENDS!!!!

During the week it is easy for me to portion control.
I am here, at work, I have things to do.
At home.
Yeah, there's the cleaning... yeah, I can read.. But I swear, it feels like ME and the FRIDGE.

I need to figure out how to handle them.
What kind of foods to keep in the house.
Should I do the Lean Cuisine's for lunch?
Should I go a tad bigger in calories on the weekend, to keep me away from the Junk?
Because on a whole, I'm not even at the halfway point for calories.
So, I have a lot of room to wiggle.

Hmmmmmm............. Need Advice. ANYONE GOT SOME ON THIS SUBJECT?

Work is really slow today.
I here the dreaded filing project CALLING my name.
It's screaming at me.
And I'm ignoring it.
I hate IT.
I wish I could listen to my iPOD while my boss was in the office.
I made lots of progress when I did that.
Just me and the files.

I really need to get started, it's becoming apparent that I am not working.


Until later.


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  1. a little advice:
    have a good sized breakfast, and small frequent meals throughout the day. try to limit carbs as the day goes on, getting more protein as it gets later..
    i'm not too crazy about processed lean cuisine things, make sure to check that they're not loaded with sodium..
    i'm not a breakfast person, so i take a scoop of whey protein with a good carb {fruit, oatmeal, etc} for breakfast. on days that i work out hard with insanity, i like taking some casein protein powder at night before bed. it's a slow release protein that feeds your muscles as you sleep.
    i also take some supplements.. a multivitamin (i break it in half as per dr. oz's orders, one with breakfast and one with supper}..
    also calcium & magnesium, omega 3, glutamine, chromium, vitamin b complex, CLA, and coenzyme q10.
    i know that these pills and powders can get expensive though, so when i'm broke i can get by with the whey protein powder, calcium/mag, chromiun, and CLA. these will all help with building muscle and burning fat.. i hope this helps!!! :)