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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a Heathen amongst the Thumpers... well, sort of.

Before I go into this very enthralling post, I want you all to know:

There was CAKE for someones birthday at work today. A strawberry shortcake and a Chocolate Mousse.

Back to the enthralling post:

"A Heathen Amongst the Thumpers... well, sort of."

Today at work, in my Christian Corporate environment... I went to Women's Book Club. In which they read, religiously oriented books... directed at women.
Many of the women there were Ministers of their Religion, and the other 75% were followers of the religion.
I, go to church on a very irregular schedule... as in.....not often and only if I can't avoid it.
You can also quote me as saying that I am not the world's best BELIEVER.
My position on religion is that I do not need to put a label on the face of my faith. I also think that the way I was raised, ROMAN CATHOLIC (oooh, ahhhh, *grimaces*) was all based on, Pain and Torture.
What do I mean? Oh well... I mean....... You do this, and God will SMITE you. Don't do that, GOD WILL SMITE YOU. You know, so on and so forth. Even the mentioning of Energy, or just higher thinking in my Religious Education classes ended with me looking like the Heathen... for questioning a belief system I was supposed to follow. Yes, I went to catholic school for a while, and did the Religious Education thing all the way up to my Confirmation... I know the bible. I just have my own views.
I think the bible is a third hand view of what happened.
I think these miracles, and these stories may have happened, but not exactly the way they were written. Some people will gasp, and say, "But, that's the bible.. that's the WRITTEN WORD of GOD's LOVE!" Read the bible, it wasn't all hunky dory for everyone.

You can see people's biases and fears shine through. Like, when it comes to the Homosexual thing.
I can see one person in particular now, clicking AWAY from my post. Stay a minute, hear my opinion.
Is it possible that the portion of scripture that indicated homosexuality is wrong, can that in fact have been written by someone who feared, or disliked it. Did GOD really Hang Down from the Heavens and SAY... Nope, I HATE those people.
I doubt that, God (whoever, whatever you believe in) loves everyone. Regardless.
Our soul's go to heaven. Not our bodies or our orientations.

My Tattoo'd and pierced patootie, who can accept homosexual (may not be one, but love is love dammit) is going to heaven. I can see my faults, I work on bettering myself. I try not to hurt others around me. I can apologize when I do. I denounce no religion or anyone else's view. I just want for others to see that my view is acceptable as well.

Anyway, off topic (but not really).

Heathen in Bookclub with the Thumpers.

Why do I call them thumpers... well, they are all good Christians. All of them. They believe the book, they follow the book. It's just a catchy title. I am in love with how strong they hold on to their faith. I think it's amazing. Maybe one day I can get there... but, right now... I'll keep my view. It serves me well.

The book we are reading (which actually can work for anyone, if you see the message behind the scripture) Meet me at the well By: Virelle Kidder.

It's Chapters are more like Thoughts and Devotionals. It's something you can pick up and read depending on what problem is plaguing you.
Really is hitting home in many ways... Helps me to know that I'm not alone. I'm not alone in my pain. And yes, even though I feel amazing (supplements do wonders), I have pain. I have fear and regret. I have a past that I'm not too fond of, but my present is so beautiful.

These woman, most of them from a similar pathway, and some (like me) who are not, get together and discuss these things. Find a place in the middle... they are a little family. I guess I'm part of it now. It was nice. It was comfortable. It was welcoming.

I have to admit, these particular sanction of Christianity... the one in which I work for... Is very welcoming, and the people, who obviously have to search their souls to accept me... do.... and are sweet to me. Even though, I know in their hearts it's truly hard.
I look different. I talk different. I am different. But, whoever created me... I believe created me in THEIR image. My soul is just as equal as the "thumper".

My presence may teach them some acceptance, and their presence to me... well, may teach me to open up, and try to be a better........ Religious Person.

How can Unending Love hurt?

So, I guess in the end... I'm not such a heathen... when it all boils down to it.
Just learning.
Just growing.

What about everyone else?
Have your own view?
I want to know.

I realize that religion and politics are very touchy subjects.
But, all is welcome here, nothing will hurt my feelings, and I expect everyone to be accepting of other commenter's views.


  1. born and raised roman catholic.. didn't quite make it to confirmation. it was probably the only thing i rebelled about. when i didn't have my children baptized, because i really don't see what good it would do considering that the poor buggers have no idea what's going on when they're babies, my family went so far as to say my grandmother would be rolling in her grave. she was a devout catholic, but reasonable, and i know she would have understood. she might not have liked it, but she wouldn't have made a fuss if it was what i believed in.
    i'm not sure what i am now. i wouldn't call myself a christian, but i wouldn't call myself an atheist either. i'm just a person. there may very well be a higher power out there, a sweet fellow named jesus may very well have died for our sins, but even after researching the hell out of different religions {and even having a few bible studies with jehovah's witnesses!!}, i can find nothing that speaks to me. but i'm ok with that.

  2. first off good for you!! resist that cake!! i would have probably caved just a bit maybe one fork full.

    second i think it's great that you are attending that book club, and i think its pretty cool that it's at work too. i'd say i'm a pretty religious person, a lot of things in my life center around it. im a mormon, there i said it! cat it out of the bag. hahaha.
    i agree with you God does love every last person on earth, we are His. So who am i to judge how someone is, i wouldn't want that on me. I pretty much love everyone. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way.