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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday - Second Post - 1/30/12

I met my sisters FOSTER KID.
She's 15... and quite pretty....
Has braces, dresses in normal girl clothes...
Uses the word LIKE every other word.
Klay didn't like her... I'm on the fence.
She seems very "self-entitled".
She seems like she's playing them.

My sister told me that she had problem reading, that she has to hear an audio book to follow along in an actual book.
But, I heard her read (with the texts intended tone) facebook statuses to us.... for about 20minutes.
I watched her write on her iTouch for the entire visit.
I don't know a lot about learning disabilities... but, that seems like this chick can read and understand what she reads.
I think there's a little bit of laziness there.. as all teenagers have.
But she was, on the internet, in SOMEWAY... for the entire visit.
Even when we went out to eat.
AT A RESTAURANT this girl interacted about 2% of the time... and that was to talk about what she was ordering and then order it.

Is that normal? Some of you have a teen (or have HAD a teen).. is this normal 2012 Teen behavior???

I thought it was rude.

But, other than that... she seemed quite normal to me...

She said that she didn't know what a "tibetan" was.... or who "emily dickinson" was...

It made Klay get up, leave the room, and make coffee...
I almost died.
He's a literacy snob... he's very well read... He expects everyone else to be just as well read...
We have quibbles about it every so often, but, we get over them.
He is more intelligent than I am.
He READS way more FACTUAL stuff then I do...
I like to read for pleasure... more than learning.
I know that's sad... but, I was in school, until Joe was almost 3.......... I learned everything there is to know about the human body... I can talk to you ALL day about Physiology, Kinesiology, Pharmacology... But, history... and current science studies... species... Not me. Sorry. I'm interested in hearing about it... but not searching it out. I read for pleasure... until well, I'm done being a pleasure reader!

We went to the Zoocus on Sunday.
What's a Zoocus?
Well, on the free ticket Emry got... it was called a CIRCUS.
But, when we got there, and paid $39 for my dad, Klay and I to go with him... we learned it was a petting ZOO with CIRCUS ANIMALS........ and carnival rides.
Hence: ZOOCUS.
It was a tad expensive.
But, Emry LOVED IT!
We had a great time.
Emry got to feed the animals... and got to ride on some cool rides.
So, all in all.. not the worst loss of all time.

Tonight, I get to sign Emry up for T-ball.
He's really excited.
It won't start until the spring... but it's something he's really AMPED to do!

And, I found a really cool Martial Arts Summer Camp for him...
So, keeping him active is going to be REAL easy this summer!

I hope it won't be too time consuming for us... but you know, he deserves something JUST for him.
He really goes with our schedule all the time....
He needs a "EMRY" activity.
So T-ball and some Karate.
Sounds good to me!

It's almost lunch time.
And I need to get some actual work done...
So, I guess for now...
The "LOVE" portion of my post will have to wait.
Nothing juicy... just more Klay talk.
One of my favorite subjects.

Until later... Be well.

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