People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

*nods* Still running

After Nick goes home tonight, I have to talk with Klay.
Have the talk.
I love him to much to push him.
and I love me enough to know I need to start making smart moves for Emry and I.

This is really hard.
And it hurts.
I'm not sure of the outcome.
I'm not sure what Klay will say.

I just know I need to get out what I'm feeling.
And, if the only result is to part ways, than that's fine.
It'll hurt.
But, it'll be okay.

Just sucks.

I'll admit it:
I do not like to be alone.
I feel that I was alone in my first marriage.
So, to be truly alone.
I'm not comfortable with that, but, I'll deal... I have to.
I have Emry.
I have my dad.
My sister.
A couple really good friends...
Friends here.

We'll get through this all together.
In essence, I won't be as alone as I think....



  1. You're never alone, sweetie. We are into this crazy ride called "life" together. I can really relate. I had to spend some time on my own to realize that being alone wasn't bad and now I feel like taking someone into my life, he better damn well fit or I'd rather be alone. I don't think we get to know ourselves or our potential until we do things on our own, then we learn what we need to know - we'll be find as long as we are in charge of our destinies. I'm always around. I care about you and Emry and I am thrilled to see that you are making you two the priority.

  2. Right! We're all pulling for you.

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