People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obsessing? Yes. - PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!

I've seen my numbers drop DRASTICALLY over the past 3 weeks.
Is it because that I have been OBSESSING about my weight loss?
Food Journaling EVERY day?

Be honest.

I knew it.

I'm sorry if my posts have been lacking.
I really am determined to look and feel better about myself.
Take pride in MYSELF.

And, yes, I am obsessing about the food.
I just want to see how much portion control affects my weight.

I just want to see on what days my body feels FANTABULOUS and what days it feels like shit.

I think at the month point, I will only document the exercise... and the total daily calories. Not exactly (to the last glucose tab) what I'm intaking.

I'm not fat.
I'm chunky.
I'm out of shape.
I am responding well to mild exercise, and a healthy portion size.

I realize that I compensate food, for happiness.
I find that when I am emotional... I eat crap.
Which isn't good.
I need to learn how to pick myself up.
Also, what dieting is helping me to do.

I've learned that vitamins work.
I've learned that, my couch is a haven for snacking.
I've learned that, I'm not alone.

I've read dozens of blogs of women trying to lose the pounds and find themselves in the process.

I have a good hold on who I am.
I just don't have a good hold on how to keep myself there.
Not turning to food...
Not turning to unnecessary comforting...
Is showing me how to handle my problems.

Who would have thought countless food journaling would open such a doorway!

So, please, don't lose faith in me.
I'm here.
I'm bouncing back.
I'm becoming stronger.

Help me.
Give me ideas.
Give me praise.
Give me criticism.

Tell me 3 blogs that you love and why.
Tell me 3 things you HATE about my blog.
Tell me 3 things you ADORE about my blog.
Tell me 3 things you want to READ about on my blog.

I love my blog family.
I love my blog.
And, I love myself.

 Now, come on, it's time you all love me too (just kidding... kind of.... start commenting!)


  1. Sweetie, we are all in the same boat. I know that some of the hardest blogs to maintain and also some of the most successful are ones that inject a person's personal trials. It either can totally turn people off to hear whining or completely comfort people to know they're not the only one thinking/feeling the same way. I think they work when someone has a goal. So make the thrust of the blog clear so people know you are working towards a healthier relationship with yourself through reevaluating your relationship with food and others. Then, keep your posts directed at that goal and some of the slips along the way. But, always empower. Most people don't like to hear folks come from a place of powerlessness. They like them to have hope. So, you give tips on things that have worked, obstacles, small goals, music for inspiration, before pics, whatever it takes. If you are ambivalent, so is the reader. That'd be my advice and I follow a few weight loss blogs. Some of them I dropped out of because they complained about their husband cheating on them and then they stayed with the husband started eating again after losing 75 pounds and no one wants to see a train wreck. They want someone to hold a flashlight. So, use your blog to hold a flashlight to show people the way out of life's tunnel. You are a fantastic writer, so natural and so real. I think if you know what the purpose of your blog is, it will become obvious to others too. Oh, and expect people to drop out in springtime, where snow thaws those people up north can only go outside for a short window of time so readership goes down. Hee hee

  2. well girl, you're stuck with me :)
    i applaud your efforts at staying healthy, this is something that you are doing for yourself. wtg!!

  3. My suggestion is two-fold: Stop obsessing about your 'numbers' - both your weight and your blogging stats. Neither is a valid measure of your worth. Focus on the positive things in your life and don't waste so much time just watching numbers.