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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursdacap- 1/26/12

I typed... 1,000 individual emails today.

I didn't get to take a break.
I didn't get to take a lunch.
I ate at my desk, while typing.

My boss is all bitchy... because she didn't think I could get it done.
But, I did, and now she's all huffy.

At one point she asked me why she stopped receiving the Copies of my emails.
"Because I'm done with the emails."


That's it.

I have the ex coming for dinner again... I think.
Last time he brought awful looking food... Just for Emry.
No portion for himself.

I'm making the rule.
If you want a bigger relationship with Emry, I need to see effort.
Right now.
No Effort.

Fuck him.
This is only to piss me off.
Which it isn't.
It's just making Emry confused.
And, Emry said to me, "I like that Nick wants to be my friend again mama."

I laughed and cried.

Klay is still daddy.
Which is good, in my eyes at least, because Klay is the best thing to happen to Emry.
To me too.

But, I have other things on my mind, but, my joints ache from all the typing of the day.

Maybe later.
We'll see.

I'll catch up on my reading (of my favvy blogs when I get home tonight... I miss you all dearly)

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