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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursdacap - 1/5/2012

Temptation resisted: Bagels set out in our break room (for ANOTHER birthday) and cream cheese and BUTTER. Cut into halves... So I could have easily taken a 1/4th of a bagel. I didn't. Proud? I'm proud.
(No wonder why I was gaining weight. Every day seems like a party here.)

I lost a follower.. but I can't tell who... Where'd you go? Who WERE YOU? **POUTS**
Maybe the dieting got to you?
It'll get to some.
But, if you see the title of the post has to do with my food journaling... don't click on it.

Let's recap on my week....
Work has been good.
I am still feeling really good.
I have been having headaches though.
I wonder if that's my bodies way of responding to the lack of GORGING MYSELF... and the lack of caffeine cut out from the occasional soda and DAILY coffee (10oz. flavored coffee, 3 creamers and 3 sugars.. I KNOW RIGHT?). Probably. That's what I think it is.
My body will figure it out, that we are going back to the way we were... PE........Not Physical Education.. Pre-Emry.

Later on tonight, when I post the daily food journaling, I am also posting my measurements.
Bust, Waist, Hip, Thigh. My arms are oddly small for someone who has this level of curvature... So, they aren't in a goal area, so why MEASURE THEM!

Off track... Getting back.

Emry's eczema is out of control, is legs are these awful oozing scabs of pain and heat. Doctor's appointment on the 16th, and hopefully they'll prescribe him a corticosteroid... just to help during the flares. I didn't want him to be on meds for this. But, if he's in regular pain, and discomfort... and I've exhausted ALL other options... then... What choice do I have as a parent?

(Thanks for the Gold Bond tip Eric, I'll try it out while we're waiting to see the Doc.)

Even though he has been in pain, his mood has been oddly good.
I got an amazing report at school last night. When I picked him up, his Teachers Assistant and the Latchkey Assistant both came to me to to tell me how proud they were of Emry's focus when it comes to Blocks, building, constructing, and problem solving. I was so proud.
Also, Emry came right out in the car ride home and told me about an accident that happened at school with another boy. I didn't have to read it in a school note, or get a call from a teacher. He told me. ALL ON HIS OWN. SO PROUD.

I gave him ice cream.
Seriously I did.
I told him I was so proud of the good report from the T.A's and how big he was to tell me FIRST about an incident.

It's been a quiet week on the Klay front.
He's been home reading.
But, given the "I'm ready" post... I really don't mind, I need to plan out what I'm going to say and when I'm going to say it...
Also, I've been very pro-active. Somehow the little 5 minute intervals of crunches or Hip extensions have given me more energy.
Why 5 minutes? Why not longer?
While Emry plays in the bathtub, I do them.
When he gets bored of playing, roughly 5 minutes, then I stop... if he played longer, I'd do them longer.

And somehow... I messed it up.
Not Majorly.
It's tasty... but not as SAVORY as I wanted it.
It has this spicy yet sour taste... Think Hot and Sour soup from Chinese food.
But, now that it's done... and THERE'S A LOT OF IT... How can I alter the savor-osity (yes, I went there)
**shrugs** I'll figure it out when I get home.
Maybe I'll throw some Indian spices in it and just call it CURRY SOUP. CURRY COVERS EVERYTHING. Yes, that's a good idea, Garam Masala, Allspice, Curry... Yes, I may be able to fix this.


Work has been good.
Especially with me doing extra "fun" activities during work.
Food Journaling (and the research that goes into it, I'm lucky I can eat the same few things during the day.)
Book Club
Going to the Gym at work.

I still have this filing project, it's my nemesis. I just can't seem to get to the end of it.
I'm making sure all of our files meet the confidentiality standards they should...

This weekend, there's no plans... Probably just cleaning up, and trying to read....

I need to get my taxes done soon, I'm waiting on 3 things. Hopefully by the middle of the month.

Well, that's all I got for now.

Until later.

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