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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday - I'm exhausted

Last night...
The ex....


He actually showed up for a scheduled dinner with Emry.

Yes, he brought fast food, and used to excuse that he didn't have money for REAL food, or time to make anything....
But, nonetheless, he came.

Emry kept doing funny things like calling him daaa--Nick. Quickly changing what he wanted to call him.
When Klay came to give him a bath, Emry announced to Klay, "NICK'S HERE!" (as if to say, he actually showed) I found it funny, and so did Klay.
Nick tried saying things to him like, "Next time I come, may be we could do THIS after dinner." and Emry would turn around and asked Klay, "Daddy, tomorrow, can we do this?"
I swear, my 4 year old was taking digs at his biological father... and in a polite and curt way saying... "I don't need you, we can be friends, but this guy here, is my dad."

And, you know what? GOOD FOR EMRY.
He wasn't rude.
He wasn't mean.
He accepted the company.
But, made it very clear that he hadn't forgot about ANYTHING.

Good for him.

Emry got to bed a little later than usual.
But, he woke up fine, and we had conversations about the night before.

Such a good boy.
I love my kid.

The only thing that I did NOT approve of.. Was Nick trying to tell Emry about what he should do for his birthday party.
Go-Karting... in MARCH.... Every year on Emry's birthday.. it's been 30 degrees.
And all the places by us do not start the Go-Karting Season.. until... well.... SPRING CONDITIONS.

I nipped it in the bud fast.
Let Emry know it would be too cold, and that we would do it when the Spring came.
And gave Nick the look.

How dare you come in, on the very first time seeing your kid since JULY and try to impliment ANYTHING.
And, are YOU paying for ANY OF THIS?
No absolutely not.
Shut up.
Don't speak.
Just be nice to my kid.

So, Emry and I, during our conversation this morning, discussed that we need to make a definite plan for his birthday, and that he shouldn't rely on Nick for that plan. If he comes, cool, but otherwise, let't not plan something around him. Not until we can trust him.
Emry agreed, and I think I'll print out some ideas, and present them to him.

Give him options.

And, keep it within a price range that won't bankrupt me.

What's good for a 5 year old birthday party?
Any suggestions?


  1. Bowling is fun for a kid's birthday party. My son has been bowling since he was four and has had a few bowling birthday parties. They're also nice because the adults can participate as well.

  2. Those places with the big indoor inflatables are pretty cool for birthday parties.

  3. Try an "American Idol" party. All you really need is a computer to play songs with and then you can let them sing to their heart's content and be the "judge." It can be minimal or you can go all out - pretty easy stuff!