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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesdays Black Hole of a Topic

I think I'm going to come up with LOSER titles for Wednesday Posts.


Because Wednesday is the most shit-tastic day of the week.
You know it.
I know it.

And, honestly, I can never hold a topic on a Wednesday.
Not even a little one.

On a Brighter Note..
Emry's legs are responding to the Corticosteroids and Antibiotic Creams... His eczema seems to be disappearing... I also read a testimonial from a 14 year old boy that said swimming in the ocean cured his legs of eczema. So what did I do? Yup. You guessed it... I put salt water into his bath. Not sure if it is having any effect... but, I can dream it is... It couldn't hurt!

I spent the night trying not to talk with Klay.
I'm sad.
and hurt.
About the conversation, with Klay About Emry's legs, About the fact that I spend probably 3 hours a day with my kid during the week.... About the ex... Trying to say that my HATRED of him is why I don't want him to see my son. (I can separate those things. If he was trying to be a real father, I wouldn't have a problem... but, he's a deadbeat, and he knows it. Said I was going to get an email yesterday, never happened.)

I got off topic, didn't I? So, I tried to not talk with Klay, but then, as I lay in bed... All the thoughts swirling through my head... I touched where he should be... I couldn't help it. I texted. I tried to have a conversation... to no avail. He must have been half conscious.... Doesn't matter.

I have a conversation with you people, every day. And I get the best advice and the strongest feedback here.

I have book club at work this afternoon... There's going to be a guest speaker, talking about HUMAN TRAFFICKING.
Oh joy.. what a depressing topic.

Some uplifting speech would be so appreciated right now..... Anyone have some?

I am starting to look for jobs in my area... closer to home... Hopefully I can find one within the pay grade I am in... I will not go back to retail. I will not do this, and make drastically less. I know my worth, now I just got to keep my eyes open.

Being closer to home would take away a lot of this stress, on Emry and myself.
He's always asking if I can pick him up ON TIME from school.
I can't.
But, if I worked closer to home... I could put him on a school bus, or drop him OFF at regular time.
That would be nice. He could sleep 2 hours more in the morning.

We'll see.
Keep your fingers crossed people.

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