People Just as Crazy as Me

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whatever Wednesday - The Emry Chronicles - Oh Shoot!... Who knows what today is anymore!

I've fallen out of love with both Whatever Wednesdays AND The Emry Chronicles.
I think I'll just talk.


Bored yet?
Oh me too...


Okay.. Let me think on this one....


45 minutes have passed, and I can think of nothing to rant on about.

So, unlike me.

I've been working on things that have no meaning, and seem to be purely FLUFF work.
And yet, I'm not.
I was supposed to be approved for Free Education through my job MONTHS ago.
It's never happened. Once again, I think my boss forgot.
One day.
When I deserve it I get her and her boss in the same room long enough to TRICK her into READING all the material I gave her, and approving the LITTLE PROGRAM I WANT.
I swear, I'm going to change my mind, have them approve a MASTERS in... I DON'T KNOW. SOMETHING EXPENSIVE.


See I found something to rant on about... See how easy it is?

45 minutes passing.

Making folders, and attaching pictures to the names of the folders person... not so fun.
Herbed Goat Cheesed spread on Wheat Thins Flatbreads... so tasty... Mid morning snack you know.

I was supposed to go to the gym last night, with a friend (and his wife), but, he got hurt... so that didn't happen.
Maybe tonight...
I did manage to do some crunches last night instead.
I think as long as I stay active in some capacity I'll be good.

Have more work to do...
Don't really want to do it...

I do feel really good still, I'm not as tired as I once was, even though last night I woke up with a MEGA-MIGRAINE at 2:00a.m.
I took some tylenol went back to sleep and all was good.
Emry has been in a decent mood too, besides is Eczema break out... It's getting bad again... and I'm not sure why.... nothing has changed in his diet, and the weather is COLD so it should be NONE EXISTENT.
Maybe the detergent? Have to do an extra rinse cycle on the clothes. Maybe that will help.

Does anyone out there have Eczema?
Any suggestions???

Well, I think until my daily intake post, this will be the post for the day.

Just a coming and going... minute by minute account of my ranting and venting.



  1. rant/vent away, you will always have a reader in me!! :)

    have you ever heard of insanity? it's a dvd workout, so you can just do it whenever you can't make it to the gym. it's frigging HARD though, but if i can do it {and i'm lazy, usually lacking motivation, AND a wimp}, i think anoyone with legs and doctor's approval can too :)

  2. I've heard Gold Bond cream does wonders for eczema. I don't know personally, but I can vouch for their foot powder. Pricey, but worth it.