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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yahoo Tuesday - 1/10/12 - Rules of Tipping

Just incase you get confused about tipping.

I try to always tip a waiter 15%, and sometimes that's hard to figure out (unless your phone as an EZ-Tip Calculation). If you don't, I find that rounding the tax up to the nearest dollar amount and doubling it, usually gets you close to 15%.

Barista... Coffee Maker... Gets HOURLY MINIMUM WAGE PAY. Waitresses and Bartenders do not.
My opinion on that one... Tip if you think they make your coffee/bagel exceptional quick and exceptionally well.. without any snark or attitude.

Bartenders.... First Drink, Tip well. Especially if you intend to get more. 2nd and 3rd drink, don't tip, you've already given them insentive that you'll leave them a tip before you leave. Last drink... Take an average of how many drinks you've had... and then times that number by 2. That's your total tip. Deduct what you gave on the first drink... and that's what the Bartender gets.

If you have HORRIBLE SERVICE, so bad, that in fact it infuriates you... DO NOT TIP. Send a message. Also, after you pay, ask to see a manager, and explain why you aren't tipping. How will they know their Waiter/Waitress was horrible if you don't tell them.
No one made them work at a restaurant, they applied.
Just saying.
But, make sure you are as polite as possible about it... if you ever plan on returning to said restaurant.

That's my two cents.

Any input on this subject?
Any funny waiter stories?
Have you ever been a waiter/waitress?

I want to know!!!!

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  1. Figuring out 15% isn't that hard. First, round the amount off to the nearest dollar. Then take the total (say $24.00) and move the decimal place over one to the left ($2.40), then add half of that amount ($1.20) and you've got ($3.60)
    15% total! You can then round that number up or down depending on the service. ($2 or $3 for bad, $4 or $5 for good)