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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday - Alone in the Shop - HUZZAH - oh, and let's talk super gross

My boss took the day to counsel a friend.
(Being a minister, she's kind of good at that. Just saying.)

So.. Today .... I AM......... ALONE AT WORK.
Well, sort of, my boss is out, and if I can look busy enough... well, no one will bother me.


Just saying.

Moving along... Last night.... was almost an AMAZING NIGHT.

(Even though it was a Nick Night.)

Jim bought me the most amazing Mac N Cheese... from the Fancy Mac N Cheese Place by us.
A Lobster Baked Mac N Cheese with two types of cheese... It was kind of the flavor of a cheesy Lobster scampi.

SO GOOD. (Remember this.. we'll touch on it later.)

Then, Klay and I got Emry to bed, he did his reading (which he is a ROCK STAR at!).

While Klay was giving him the bath, I set up for my Zombierobics.
Moved the furniture.
Set up the game.

And, I played for a little over an hour.

So, it's about 8:20p... and my father is home from work. Klay and I are starting to put the living room back together, turn on last night's episode of Face Off.

Then ...... IT happens.

Remember I told you not to forget about the "SO GOOD" mac n cheese?
Yeah well, if you're eating at the moment, STOP reading. Come back later... after you've digested.

Image Detail
I looked up the word frozen, and the first three pics I got were naked women in the snow.... why is it the so much porn pops on an image search now a days? I had to use the word HYPOTHERMIA in order to get an appropriate picture.

I got really really cold...
I began to shake VIOLENTLY.
And, I couldn't stop.

My stomach lurched forward, as my body trembled like someone in the early stages of hypothermia.

I spent the better part of a half an hour throwing up the lobster mac.

I then tried to clean myself up the best I could, emerged from the bathroom, saw who was eliminated from Face Off (2 people this week, God I hated Jerry, such a pompous guy, who never showed his supposed SKILL) topic....... I was still Trembling something fierce. I was so afraid I was going to lose my insides again.

Klay built Emry's lunch for the next day, and I told him to go home.... Because I knew I would not be the Sexiest Sleep Partner. . . .. F M L .... seriously? I'm either NARCOLEPTIC or LINDA BLAIR?

Just want a normal life!

I had Klay show himself out, as I ran myself a bath, thinking the cleaner (and warmer) I felt... the faster I would stabilize.

My body temp did rise.
No more trembles.
(Oh, this is now at about 10:30p)

I brought a bucket with me to bed (see what I mean, super sexy right?) just in case of emergency.
And, I began to lay there....
As my stomach began to gurgle... and pain me so......
I was up and down to the bathroom for a while... Took some tums.....
And, actually fell asleep.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that my stomach was still sour... so, I guess all of this has come down to one factor:

Obviously the ......... food in question ......... was too decadent, too oily and greasy and fatty....
Tasted Great.... But, obviously isn't for me.... anymore...

And I'm rather sad about that....

I now know what my body can handle.
I know that my stomach is changing...

I'm know longer a teenager or young 20'something... who can eat and drink whatever they please.
My stomach has done GROWN UP on me....
Which means......

Bye Junk Food... It was nice knowing you.
Image Detail
Keeping with the theme, I used "Goodbye Junk Food" as a image search... and the first thing that popped up, was, SHOCKER, a naked woman in a bathtub with a bowl of ice cream. WTF.

AND HELLO HEALTHY (as healthy as possible...) FOOD!

Image Detail
I searched "Hello Health Food!" and I got a whole bunch of stuff on Hello Kitty... 3rd one, was a topless woman with nerd glasses, pink frilly tutu, and a hello kitty purse.... I am appalled.)
Let's just hope my stomach holds up today.
I packed really light stuff, and am drinking breakfast tea...
Thank you for reading this rant about my stomach and it's issues.
(IT SNOWED HERE LAST NIGHT, EMRY HAD A TWO HOUR DELAY... Maybe winter is trying to make a comeback?)
Until Later.

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