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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday - so much for sleeping late

Good morning all.
We've been up since 7:00a.m.
(Yes that's two hours later than normal.. but still.. really early.)

I kept Emry up late last night, so that perhaps, we could sleep late on our day off.

When am I going to learn that this idea DOESN'T WORK? EVER!

And, I can tell you what woke him up.
The Garbage Truck.
The stupid fucking garbage truck, that NEEDS to come by my house at 6:56 a.m. every Friday morning.
It used to be earlier.
Like 5:00 a.m.
And that was so early, that I was the only one that heard it, as I was already getting ready for work.
Now, it's just to close to the end of Emry's REM cycle. He's in that twilight area of sleep... Stupid Garbage Truck.

So, I've been stalking my favorite blogs.
Emry has watched a Thomas the Train movie...
And ate most of his breakfast.
I have emptied the dishwasher, and considered doing the laundry (see I'm trying to be productive today!)

But, still, here I am, typing to all you.. because I love you all!

 Today, I think we're going to do some fun in house activities...
Perhaps do a little shopping.
Need to see...
It depends.

I went looking at to see if there were any cool groups in my area.... Alas, there is not.
The closest one was a wicca group.
And, well, I work for a Christian Organization, and as much as I am my own person... There are just some groups I can't join, just in case the organization finds out... Yup, I think it'd be a problem. And since I need the job.. I'd rather keep my nose as clean as possible.

But, A Ghost Hunting Group? That be awesome. Where are you COOL FUN GROUP OF PEOPLE????

**Cricket Cricket**


My joints are still very sore today, I am finding it very hard to type. Maybe cutting down my nails will help. If my nail hits the key before the pad of my finger does, it sends shooting pain up to my elbow. Sounds wonderful? Doesn't it?

Completely, I look forward to such feelings.... **SARCASM**

Well, let me get to the laundry. Perhaps I'll bring my Slide HD around with me today... you guys can see our awesome day.....
(in all it's laid back awesomeness).


  1. I updated the store for you, sorry again, I've been waiting to make more and more soap, we just sold out so fast I've been catching up. But there is some leaves in the store now and I'll make sure to add something extra for you when you order.

    Thanks again!

  2. I can't tell you how many times I've been bit in the ass by that stay up late / sleep late thing!