People Just as Crazy as Me

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday! Let's Get some music in this b*tch... Yeah I went there. (also, other stuff... read on...)

Who watched it?
Anyone want to rant about it.


I like Madonna, I swear I do... But, I think that she hasn't evolved... And, well, we all can't be CHER. I just think she's in her... what... early 50's? Dance music... Really? Cher got away with it, because it was like 90% synthesized and sounded cool... Yours...... Well, POP isn't made for people getting close to being able to sign up for AARP.

Just Saying.

Further more:
  1. Did you really think that you could go up and down that bleacher set up without breaking your butt. Yeah, I saw you, you almost went backwards off the set. You kept your composure and kept moving... but, jeez, Where FLATS!
  2. You being spun upside down, with your head BETWEEN your young male dancers legs... Your head literally in his crotch... So classless and awkward... The people in my home all looked around with this gaping mouth YUCK moment.
  3. Nicki Minaj and the chick from M.I.A ...... Yeah, that's a good grouping. Trying to add new artists onto to the album, so people by it? Bigger Demographic.... Sorry, too weird for me. Further more, Nicki Minaj... IS A SKANK... and released STUPID HO... and she just turns me off.
  5. You feeling the beat while on top of the turn tables while LMFAO was rapping... well, that looked stupid. You're too old to be.... well, attempting to have flow. I know I'm white, I know I'm awkward... I would never try to have FLOW.

---------------Super Bowl Weekend Ruined my Life---------------------

I ate like a COW this weekend MOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Between Friday's Work JUNK Lunch
Friday night's additional dinner... yeah, I fell victim to a late night stomach YELP.
Saturdays Sushi and Taco Bell

I swear, I need to work out an extra 15 minutes a day.

I need to make a comeback here, I was doing SOOO good, and was about half way to my goal.

----------------------The Klay Conversation ------------------------------

We discussed how our relationship was negatively impacting Emry.
How I felt trapped, and needed to know where we were going... and if it was time to call it quits.
I told him of my fear that in the end, we were just going to end it... Because of him not being ready to go to the next step.

And ... Now that it's out there, he needs to think about it... and we are supposed to talk about it again  this weekend.

These things take time, and I owe Klay the right to make an informed decision that isn't made hastily.
No? Does anyone disagree?


Emry has begun to show negative effects of Nick being around.
The tantrums, that we haven't had in 7 months... are starting to creep in.
There are a lot of factors in motion right now... However, I know that Nick is a major player of what's going on.
My poor sweet Emry.
His eyes are all sullen again... He's feeling more and more frustrated.
And you can see it... Just by the way he is beginning to act.

I.... Wish there was another way... But, after about a month of these "dinners", and what a horrible month it's been (We're talking 8 interactions here)....... I'm not sure how long I can allow it to continue, before Emry is back to being in his room every night.
On the stair for a timeout multiple times a day.
I can't let it happen.
So... after telling Emry that he needs to try his hardest to be his best... and telling him that his frustration is justified........and that he needs to use his words, instead of acting out... We'll see how this week goes.

But, I will not lose my child just because Nick wants to FAKE being a parent.


I'm going to get some work done...
At least that's my intention.


  1. I'm glad I didn't see half time. Madonna? She's hardly a male viewer's idea of a halftime show. They might as well have brought on Cher. I have never ever liked Madonna, even in the 80s. Horrible horrible voice, and totally pop music at its worst. And, I can't help it, but I swear the woman has a penis. I hope your week ends up being a magical one. You are such an amazing mama and such a dear heart. I want lots of glowing and smiley things to happen for you both.

  2. superbowl halftime rant? i agree 100%! LOL

    don't beat yourself up over one weekend of indulgence, sweetie :)
    you're still doing awesome!!

    wishing for the best for you and your little family!! <3