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Friday, February 3, 2012

The post of the day of Fry... uh, I mean... Friday - 2/3/12

This mornings rant post was brought to you by the letter

P  (for pissed off)

and the number

32  (because I thought of 32 ways I'd like to beat up my exhusband)


And now kids! Let's get on with our day.... at 1:32p.m.


This day got away from me.
Not very happy about that.

Today, we had a free lunch downstairs, so I didn't bring my lean cuisine to work... Because I ASSumed... oh yeah, I ASS-U-ME-D there would be salad...
Hot Dog
Fried Chicken
Chips and Salsa


What the FUCK was I thinking?

So, I tried to be good.
I tried

And now... I will use an immature and lame phrase... I EPICALLY FAILED.

Yup, I had a little bit of everything.
I will run my ass of at the gym at 2:45p.
Then, tonight, I will eat a Lean Cuisine for dinner... and then give myself a caffeinated colonic...
Just Kidding.
I'm not sure how to do that.


The Lean Cuisine and may be some DUCT TAPE is a better idea.


Today has flown by.
I just want to be home with my kid, and snuggle him.
He was so uncomfortable last night, he couldn't sleep... He crawled up in bed with me and just kept sighing.
I felt so badly.
And, I began making the 32 top ways to kick Nick's butt.


My boss likes to write things a certain way.
My grammar isn't exactly the greatest, but, I've made major improvements.
I know when something is blatently NOT right.
and this sentence:

PERSON A "underwent a surgery on January 30, 2012 that went well."

PERSON A underwent a successful surgery on January 30, 2012.


I'm thinking about changing my layout.
I am not a fan of THIS font anymore.
What do we think?

I am thinking of making this change because on Sunday, April 8, 2012.. I will be celebrating my one year anniversary blogging.

I think a new year dictates a new layout, and font... and direction.
Perhaps Pictures, and videos (like from a Flipcam? that I should be getting, and am so psyched about it, Klay is freaking jealous btw Autumn).

Intermission - got to post a bulletin

I'm not sure what else to say.
I had a mini conversation with Klay regarding our relationship and Emry... at least a conversation indicating we NEEDED a conversation... and that will take place this weekend.

I have to go to my sisters' either Tonight (a 2 hour drive one way) or tomorrow.
Why do you ask?
Not a pleasure visit.
The grandmother sent my sister a 17 page letter concerning our mother, and it was very diminishing and false.
My poor sister couldn't handle it, so I am going to be oober supportive and we are going to read that work of fiction TOGETHER as a family.
Stupid medelsome women.. picking on my poor sister...
I'll beat them up.
Not really, but, in my head I do all the time.

When it rains. It Pours.
And, I have a feeling, I'm in for a WET couple of weeks.


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  1. i hope things get better for you!! and don't be bummed about the junk food.. everyone needs a cheat meal sometimes :)