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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursdacap - 2/16/12

This is Dessa.
I think I like her.
It's different.
I need to watch all the Youtube videos first... But, I think I may buy some of this.

I love the theme of the video.
Very cool.

Today is Thursday.
Thursday is a Nick Night.
**does dance**
Emry has officially stated that tonight will not happen.
He only likes playing the games on Nick's phone...
Otherwise, he doesn't like him.
I asked if he wanted to take a break.
And he wasn't opposed not to.


So in my head I was doing this:

in 7 hours, I will be out of here.
I will begin my 4 day weekend.
And. I swear. Emry and I are going to KICK BACK, and RELAX.

Based on all the stress in our world, my need to maintain sanity, and the necessity to function at work @ 150%... I am just spent. Without zest. EXHAUSTED.

Even an hour of extra sleep will do me some good.
Mindless activities with Emry.

(Emry got a video game, old school street fighter graphics, but it's a
 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 game that plugs in to my tv, he also has been
doing these free train games on my computer... I've wanted to spend some
extra funds on an Xbox... for family time and ME time. We may just do that. We'll see... I'm feeling the need to SPEND SOME MONEY!!!!!!)

You ever preview your posts while your typing... the last above line is doing this weird spacing thing... That I can't fix. Oh bother, I can not wait to sit down and re-vamp this blog... New Layout... New EVERYTHING. Completely Perfected.

UGH. I just previewed again and the small fonted paragraph above is fine... Stupid blogger, messing with my head!! **shakes fist**

What else is there?
No news on the promotion yet.
I've heard tales that I won't hear about it for at least a few weeks.
That they like to drag it out...
So, I'm not going to think about it anymore.
I still have this job.
This job pays the bills.
I can hold on for bigger and better, when it's my time.
Hopefully, this time is MY TIME, but, good things come to those who wait.

I just found a paper cut on my knuckle.
It burns.
I'm now going to pick at it all day.
Glutton for punishment.
How is it, that these tiny little cuts HURT the most?
I've had large wounds that didn't burn like THIS!

I have a feeling that today is going to drag.
Because I have: 6 hours 57 minutes...


Wait, I've only waisted 3 minutes writing this blog?
Son of a bitch.

Meh. I should find some work to do.

What are our plans for the weekend?
Anything fun?


  1. yay!! glad you'll have a 4 day freakin weekend to relax and fun with you little guy!!

    i hope work goes by quickly for you so you can get home to celebrate!!

    no plans this weekend, i'm just glad im not babysitting anyone. i am so tired of it. ugh.

  2. Have a fantastic 4 days !!!! You have earned it. This weekend, some nighttime photography practice, work, a ghost hunt at a haunted warehouse, and if I count my cards right--supper with a delicious man.