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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursdacap - 2/23/2012 - I AM pooped.

For no reason.
There was no crazy amount of cleaning to do when I got home.
Dad emptied the dishwasher.

Emry did homework and ate without a fuss.

Klay made me Decaf Raspberry Chocolate Coffee, with homemade peppermint cream for the top.


I had plans of playing my video game, ZOMBIEROBICS (or whatever it is actually called) and then watching Face Off on Syfy........ Then some snuggle time with Klay...


As soon as I gave Emry a bath, and took one myself... I was comatose.
I couldn't stay awake to save my life.
My joints and muscles were so sore... for no reason, other than my craptastic body.... and I just fell out.

I am getting really tired of being so tired.

I am so tired of my boyfriend watching me sleep....
I take pills for energy.
I take pills for pain, and spasms.
I take vitamins...

And, it doesn't..... and it bugs me.

I keep pushing on... that's all that matters, I suppose.

I have internal strength that gets me through the things during the day that need to get done.
I guess that is a blessing.

I'm not so tired and in pain that it stops me from going to work, or taking care of Emry.

Just wish I had more in me to go the extra mile... You know?

-----------3 hours have passed----------------------
I thought I posted this.
See.. Too tired.... to FUNCTION!

Sorry guys.

Maybe I should add extra b-12 in to my diet...
Just start loading up on PIXIE STICKS!!!

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  1. Pixie Sticks--yahoo! Mine was always Sweet Tarts. I started taking vitamin D when my doc mentioned how low mine was. I take a multivitamin and drink milk, but never go in the sun. When I started supplementing, a ton of issues I had like yours were gone. She told me that we're all perpetually low on vitamin D nowadays and that it's really critical. I've been trying not to use caffeine and sugar or they make me crash. I have to get into this killer bohemian bikini in 20 weeks, so I will be whining and complaining a lot on my blog. Perhaps we could compare notes, lil sis. You take care of yourself. You are supremely important to many including your readers.