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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wanna see me being a dork?

So, I have to learn to keep it steady while I'm using it...

Yeah, so that's me, being a dork... and completely loving my new Flip Cam SlideHD.

Still need to spend more time with it... figure out all of it's cool options.

But, We'll see what I can come up with once I got the hang of it.


Emry is sick... AGAIN.
I swear, this kid is like a germ magnet...
I figured a day of fluids, rest, and relaxation would do him some good... I have to admit, he hasn't coughed much today, and seems to be okay...
He just has been so phlegmy, and coughy, and yucky... I just couldn't help it... I needed to keep him home.


I plan to spend my day playing with my new toy, and putting away laundry...
No reason to waste the entire day!

Love to all...
Tell me what you think of my dorkness.

1 comment:

  1. NICE! what a cool camera! i got on of those for about an hour then we realized the one i got has no flash. it went back and a regular camera was purchased. i wish i still had it regardless of no flash. can't wait for more videos.

    it's always good to have a sick day now and then, but i hope he feels better quickly.