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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yahoo Tuesday - 2/7/12


You want to see my opinion on this... READ THIS !!!!!!
There is no way on this EARTH, that a 20 inch waist is her NORMAL waist size.
She wants to fatten up... EAT A TWINKIE!
Please read my labels... tell me if you agree.

French Tiger Parenting... I'm not so sure
I do read the blog written by the daughter of the "Tiger Mother".

At first, I read it for sheer curiosity. To see if she had low self-esteem, or was pushed to be something she didn't want to be.
And, after a while, I realized.
She's Fine.
Her name is Sophia, I think, and she's intelligent, and driven.
Skills taught by her parents.
She seems happy.
And, honestly, it's not like her mother beat her in to submission.
She set rules and boundaries, and this kid, WOW, she amazes me.
Any parent would be proud to have this kid.

Not all kids are this way.
Not all parents push their children in the correct way.
The above article.
Says nothing about how French Parents do it.
It's just an overview to get you to read, an obviously boring book about parenting.
Since, honestly, we are all trying to find a quick fix to doing a hard job.
Kids are all different.
It's about boundaries.
It's about praise and criticism.
It's about love
It's about being strict
It's about being lackadaisical.
It's about knowing that every day is an adventure.

It's about NOT letting your little child walk all over you.
It's about making a plan, and sticking to it, until it doesn't work anymore.. then you make a new plan and just go with it.

It's about LISTENING to your kid.

That's my opinion.
Any other parents here have anything else to say?
Tiger Parenting?
Good Parenting?
Bad Parenting?
Come on... open forum.

I bet that 20 inch models mother is screaming at her... EAT! THAN STRUT YOUR STUFF!
Barbie dolls hate that woman. She's gross.
Just making this article come full circle



  1. I absolutely agree with your comments about parenting!

  2. If everybody stopped giving skinny models attention (negative or otherwise) the fashion industry would change that standard.

    Instead of giving it even more attention, maybe we should focus on the positive... there are plenty of beautiful people out there who are not gaunt, and plenty of people who like them that way.

    (I will always ignore 'fashion' because I think for myself and neither want nor need anyone to tell me how I should dress!)

  3. holy moly! it was freaky watching that video! yikes. too tiny.

    i don't like to compare my parenting to others because well they don't have my children and i don't have theirs. whatever works for people works, whatever doesn't, doesn't. i'm all for advice, but i don't like it when people tell me what to do with my kids or how i should handle a situation, or they try to push their ideas on me.