People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yahoo Tuesday - You should never FAKE it.

A good night's sleep that is!

But, the above article recommended some products that can help you at least LOOK well rested.

I think it's a ploy to make us shop.
What do you think?

Just try your hardest to get a good night's sleep.
Don't fake it... if you fake that for too long, you're bound to end up with exhaustion!
And that's no good.

Long day at work, this is the first second I had to post.

Look's like things are working out on the Nick front... but, we have to see.
Still really HURT, that he would put my son through that.... or at least attempt to.
Shows where his heart truly is.. Not with Emry.

Just saying.

Oh well, perhaps I'll write more tonight.
Perhaps I'll let you know about my Zombie Ass Kicking....
Yup, that's right, I'm a Zombie Killer...

Stay tuned.


  1. Hey sista--glad to hear you're a zombie killer, just leave the zombie housewives of the apocalypse off your hit list. Hee hee. I love reading your musings. I seriously like the way your mind and heart work. They are in perfect sync.

  2. i get sleep but i still want to use some of those things, sometimes i just don't like looking vampireish, or maybe zombieish.

    have you read those articles about how to prepare for a zombie attack? hilarious and the greatest idea to get people to prepare for anything.