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Friday, March 23, 2012

Monologues of the Dating Divorcee Working Mother - Time Management

Monologues of the Dating Divorcee Working Mother

(aka: The Life of a

Pseudo-Single Mother)

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(DISCLAIMER: I do not mean to offend anyone. There are different strokes for different folks, and we all have different lives, goals, aspirations. What I write about in these posts is not meant to be the "only way", "the right way", "better than you". It's just my opinion, use it where you can. Comment or Criticize too, how else do we grow as people, if we don't listen to a little criticism?)
A mother needs to be able to micro-manage...
Regardless of the fact if she's stay at home, or a working mom.
Once a child becomes old enough to go to school, this begins.
Around the age of 4 & 5 is when children are old enough to participate in local sports, some after school activities... etc.
This is a working mothers nightmare.
Let me tell you.
T-ball practice started yesterday, and I can already tell that until mid - late summer, we are going to be having quite a hectic schedule.
And this is JUST for T-BALL.
We were told last night that there would be 2 games (at least) a week.
One on Tuesday's and the other(s) on Saturday.
Tuesday games begin at 5:30p.
The field is relatively close to my house, so that's not a huge deal.
They practice once a week too.
Probably Thursdays.
So Three days a week are going to be dedicated to T-Ball.
Emry seems to love it though... so, I guess I can deal.
Does anyone remember what Tuesdays and Thursdays are?
Oh, yeah, Nick Nights.
I know this is going to become a problem.
Nick is not going to like both of his nights taken away to just watching Emry play T-ball.
He's going to want to stay later with us.
Or stop him from going to a game or practice.
I can see it now.
I hope for the best though.
Now that I know that 3 day/evening
s per week are going to be hectic.
I need to start super-mega-micro-managing.
I usually get a majority of the cleaning, food shopping done on Saturday.
Now, I am going to have to break up the cleaning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Which... is probably what I should do...
And I can use cleaning as an excuse to being more active...

But, the food shopping...
Well... That's still going to have to get done on the weekends.

Now.. that I've set up the tone for this post.

Time Management.

A working single mother needs to have things to a science.
I read an article recently on Yahoo, about the Type A mother.
I have established that I am one of those mothers.
I know where everything goes, when I need it.
I try to map out a schedule as far in advance as I can.
As far as I can see, each day does not need to have any surprises.
Even though, I can relax a little when a surprise does arise.
And, I can deviate from the plan... if there is nothing pressing.

Some people frown upon the Type A, OCD, Control Freak personality.
I just can't see another way to be.
Especially with so there only being 24 hours in a day...
And I have to sleep at least 6 of those hours in order to function properly.
So, I have 18 hours a day to get as much as I can get done.
Oh shit.
Not 18 hrs... I work and commute 9 hours of that day.
I have 9 hours to get as much as I can get done in a day.
Let's see how that is really spent.
Shall we?
See if I utilize my time wisely.

Do we remember my morning routine?
430a - 7a: I am getting up, getting dressed, making lunches, waking up Emry, feeding & clothing Emry, Miscellaneous chores in between (folding laundry, reconciling my check book, writing a letter or paying a bill) and getting him to latchkey.
2.5 hours spent doing that... 6.5 hours remaining.
INTERMISSION... Work hours have already been accounted for.
5p - 7p: Make and Eat dinner, dishes, Bath/Bed time for Emry... sometimes reading time for Emry.
2 hours used... 4.5 remaining.
There 4.5 approximate hours before I go to bed...
A myriad of things could occur or NOT occur.
Doing more laundry, pre-making lunches or dinners for the week, if I ran the dishwasher then emptying it, lounging on the couch from exhaustion praying for the On Demand to work, writing a blog post, Moving Laundry to Dryer or Dryer to Top of Dryer.... it really does change.

But all in all.. I think given the time I have.. I use it as best as I can....

Could I perhaps get some extra sleep or do more here and there.
Will it happen.
Probably this summer when T-ball is in full effect.

What about Klay?
Does he help around the house?
He will do some dishes for me.
Or clean up the kitchen after I cook.
He will make Emry dinner sometimes.
And on those days.
I feel very special.
Those days...
I look forward to.

I will willingly give up some responsibility.
Unlike other Type A personalities...
I do NOT have to do it all.
If someone offers...
I am more than willing to let that happen.
Because there is always something else I could be doing... or getting ahead on.
A mothers job is never done.

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This is why I don't drink coffee that much...
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Most of my days feel like this.

But, then I wonder.
And you may be wondering too.

On a whole.
We have very little.
That is why Emry is in T-ball.

That is the bad thing about having too much to do...
Sometimes your kid suffers.
I recently noticed that....
So that's where a sport came into play.
I can forgo my downtime, and to more and more everyday.
If he gets to have a little fun with Kids his age.
He's been riding his bike after school recently.
And, been going to bed later...
But, I know he's having fun.
And he's a 5-year old boy.
He's supposed to have fun.

As advice from me.
Being a Micromanaging Mama is GOOD.
As long as you're doing it with your children's best interest at heart.
Sooner or later:
You have to make the time for them to be kids.
I didn't have a child so he could have a boring life.
I want my son to experience as much as he can.
And I want to see it happen.


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  1. Beautifully and urgently said--showing both your character and situation. In other words, you are a wonderful storyteller. You got the point across so accurately. I used to drop my son at daycare and then drive 45 minutes to work and work 8 hours of nonstop typing to put out as many ER reports as possible and then promptly have anxiety attacks on the way home because I was about to start the other job of the day--pick up my son, listen to his day while putting away the clothing tried on the morning rush, get supper ready, finish the dishes, get the cleaning/vaccuuming,and other chores done while preparing for the next day and packing my husband's lunch, et cetera. My only time off was literally my car commute. It's that insane time of your life and I'd like to say it gets better, but by your 40s, your career has taken off when your kid needs you less, so it's just one frantic activity for a different one. I hear retirement is good, but then no one can afford to retire anymore...I guess I'll rest when I'm dead.